Ray Clere, new director of GC's Graves Center for Calling & Career, invites students and alumni to visit him at the W. Peyton Thurman Meetinghouse.

Georgetown, KY – Ray Clere can’t wait for new and returning Georgetown College students to start showing up on campus next week as he’ll have a new audience for his career advice.

Clere (pronounced CLEAR) took over as Director of Georgetown’s Graves Center for Calling & Career on August 1. He succeeds Robin Fleischer, who served as director for nearly five years and left in April to start her own practice.

Alumni will have a great opportunity to meet Clere and pick his brain a little at the Homecoming Business & Networking Zone on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on East Campus. (To get a feel for how he might help you further sometime, read to the end!).

He comes to GC from Indiana University’s renowned School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) where he served as Director of Career Services for the past five years.  SPEA is the second-highest ranked school of public affairs/public policy by US News and World Report.  

The word “Calling” in the full name for Georgetown’s career center particularly appealed to him when he interviewed for the post. “I sensed there’s a strong service orientation at Georgetown College when I spoke with people here,” Clere said. “And that really appealed to me.”

At Indiana – where he also received his master’s degree in Counseling/Educational Psychology – Clere enjoyed assisting students with their career development. “But, I am especially interested in helping students who have an interest in careers in public service and the nonprofit sector. This is one of the many reasons I enjoyed working with SPEA students,” said Clere, who is the immediate past president of the IU Career Services Council.

Clere also invites GC alumni who may be in need of some career strategies to pay him a visit. Here’s a snapshot of what he will tell alums who …

(a) …are thinking of a career change.

A career change can be reinvigorating and it’s never too late to consider making a change in career paths.  The economy is currently still very weak, so if you’re currently employed then I strongly recommend that you carefully evaluate your employment prospects in the new career field that you hope to transition into and make sure that you have the requisite knowledge, skills and network of contacts to make the transition.

(b)  …have been downsized and are having trouble getting back into the job market.

We’re here to help.  Losing a job can be a very demoralizing and frustrating experience.  Sometimes it helps to sit down with a career services professional and discuss job search strategies.  We can also review your resume and other career documents and provide advice on networking.

(c) …maybe recently graduated, having trouble finding that FIRST job – especially one worthy of their GC degree….and probably regretting they didn’t take advantage of our wonderful Graves Center when they were in college.

We provide services for alumni at no charge and this certainly includes young alumni.  We’re part of your support network, so contact us and let us know about the challenges that you’re experiencing.  It’s a very tough job market and it’s imperative that you maintain a positive attitude and keep trying.  There are still good jobs out there, but the competition is much more intense than it was 3-4 years ago.

Although he’s a graduate of the University of the Cumberlands, Clere has a love for Georgetown College through both his fraternal grandmother, Elizabeth Shrader Clere ’37, – (“She just turned 95 and I think she must be one of the oldest living Georgetown graduates!”) – and father, David Clere ’63 PhD, who teaches Geography, Geology and Math at Elizabethtown Community College. The second oldest of four brothers, he grew up in Georgetown – Indiana, that is, a 20-minute drive from Louisville.

Outside of the office, Clere enjoys spending time with family, friends, and his golden retriever, Huck. He also enjoys hiking, camping, travel, and IU basketball and soccer.

You may reach the Graves Center director through e-mail at  ray_clere@georgetowncollege.edu or (502) 863-8122.