Heather Hunnicutt

Heather Hunnicutt, Chair of the GC Music Department, said she was honored earlier this month to make a presentation at the College Music Society International Conference in South Korea – first in Seoul and then in Gyeongjou.

She actually had the thrill of co-presenting with her father – a psychiatrist on the faculty at the University of North Texas Health Science Center – Educational Interventions for Musical Performance Anxiety: Helping Your Students Cope With Stage Fright.

“I have been very blessed as a scholar – my primary research interest is performance anxiety and I’ve spoken at lots of conferences (in Korea, Thailand, France, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Fort Worth),” said Dr. Hunnicutt, who has published four journal articles on various aspects of the topic. 

“Lately, I have been collaborating with my father this summer as well as writing some articles together. Our current work is related to using the techniques used by mental health professionals for severe anxiety disorders and adapting them to how music teachers can use them for their students with stage fright. It’s really neat we have a common research interest together.”

No doubt she has practiced some of those techniques in recent years on Georgetown music majors and others who have performed in the fall opera or “Op Shop” (opera workshop) in the spring.