Associate Professor of PsychologyProvost Rosemary Allen has announced that the Jenzebar Foundation has committed at least $25,000 to the Georgetown College Modern Day Slavery project (with the potential for more funding as we move forward with the project).

Last year’s efforts drew campus-wide interest from students, faculty and staff. Many talks and films focused attention on the global industry of human trafficking and encouraged the purchase of fair trade produce and products. Students formed a chapter of the Student Abolitionist Movement and, with the guidance of the project coordinators, including Dr. Regan Lookadoo of the Psychology department, brought in David Batstone’s Stop Paying for Slavery Tour.

“A HUGE thank you to Regan, for her work in putting together a deeply compelling proposal,” Dr. Allen wrote in an e-mail.

Allen said the Foundation has agreed to fund $15,000 toward year one initiatives, and has funded $10,000 of year two initiatives (with the aside that several additional portions of the year two initiatives, as well as significant elements of year three, will be considered as we demonstrate our ability to carry out the projects we have identified in year one).

“This is a larger financial commitment to a single institution and project than the foundation usually makes, and I believe it to be a wonderful endorsement of the work Regan and her team have done on the Modern Day Slavery Project,” added Dr. Allen.

According to its Website, the Jenzabar Foundation recognizes and supports the good works and humanitarian efforts of student leaders serving others across the global community. It seeks to foster a culture of service and to educate and inspire future generations to create a better world. Jenzabar, the company, is a partner of Georgetown College. It is a leading provider of software and strategies for Unix/Linux and Windows platform solutions for over 700 higher educational institutions worldwide.