Jim Durham, News Bureau Director

Love From across the pond
Video Challenge winners Jordan Burk, left, and Jordan Patrick during a December 14 trip into London

GC Communications & Marketing Director Jim Allison congratulates Student Video Challenge winners Cody Polzin, second from left, and Corey Hatfield; EKU freshman Kurtis King, who filmed the video, is at right.

The votes have been tallied and two pairs of clever, enterprising young men have been declared winners of the Georgetown College Student Video Challenge.

A GC Communications Committee chose juniors Cody Polzin and Corey Hatfield as its winning duo for “Georgetown: A Fun Atmosphere.” (Tell us the phrase “Catch, Cody!” won’t be popular Spring semester!) And, juniors Jordan Burk and Jordan Patrick took the students’ online-vote for “Love From Across the Pond.”

Contestants were asked to describe the Georgetown Experience – and answer the question: Why did you choose Georgetown College? The winners were rewarded with $500 of food at Applebee’s and $250 worth of Nike gear, respectively.

“One of the important things about this challenge was that all of the entrants had fun highlighting their favorite GC activities. In very different ways, the two winning videos showcase their pride in Georgetown and highlighted many different areas of campus life,” said Jessica Shields, the College’s webmaster and coordinator of the project.

Obviously, student voters were taken with the two Jordans’ caring, ingenuity, and international swagger – all the way from Great Britain. Both are taking business and health science classes at Kingston University, about 10 miles southwest of London.

“Our inspiration came from the fact that even though we are getting to experience the opportunity of a lifetime by studying abroad, there are still many things we miss about Georgetown and will be glad to return home to these things,” Patrick wrote in an e-mail. He’s a Business Administration major/Communication and Media Studies minor from Mount Sterling. Burk is a Business Administration major/Communication and Media Studies minor from Shelbyville.

“I think we saw this video contest as a way to be creative and to connect with Georgetown even while abroad,” Patrick added.

The writing of “Love From Across the Pond” was a collaboration. Burk provided the camera, Patrick did most of the editing and Marek (their Polish roommate) did the filming. Patrick said, “On most of the speaking scenes, we would develop a general plan and then improv the actual words.”

A lot of the Polzin-Hatfield video – “Georgetown: A Fun Atmosphere” – was improv, too. For instance, during a scene in the Ensor LRC, when Hatfield threw a book a book to Polzin, he needed something to say – hence “Catch, Cody!” – and it caught on. “We bounced ideas off each other a lot,” said Hatfield, a Psychology major/Youth Ministry minor from Falmouth.

Polzin, a Commerce, Language & Culture major and Theatre minor, was in charge of sound production – with the background music coming from “loops from different garage bands. I wanted it to sound like a PBS educational tune,” he said.

Hatfield did the editing on their video and a friend from his home county of Pendleton, Kurtis King, a Broadcasting & Electronic Media major at Eastern Kentucky University, handled the camera.

Of the four winners only Polzin said his work on the video piqued his interest about a career behind or in front of a camera. But, Polzin-Hatfield have 10 videos on their own YouTube channel with the profile – Man Cave Saints. The roomies call their room The Man Cave and their favorite movie is “The Boondock Saints.”

The hope is that the messages in these two videos will give others some idea of the Georgetown College Experience and possibly spawn an annual video project.

“We thought this was a great way for our students to have some fun and use their creativity to show Tiger pride,” said Jim Allison, Associate VP Institutional Advancement/Communications & Marketing. “Our plan is to share the videos with students who are in the process of picking a college as well as alumni and friends.”