Pjáros en la cabeza / Birds on My Head, encaustic and oil and canvas

Adiós mamá Carlota / Bye-bye, Mommy Carlota, Linocut

Taking advantage of returning Georgetown College students for fall semester, new gallery director Laura Stewart has put together a panel discussion for (Sept. 2) tonight’s 5-7 p.m. closing reception that will send two art exhibits from Mexico out with charge.

“Derechos en Tierra Ajena: Works by Rosa Angelica Gomez Mier,” particularly speaks to panelist Yolanda Gallardo Carter, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education at Georgetown and a native of Tucson who started a bilingual model charter school on the border of Mexico earlier in her career. “This exhibition moves me because the story of the immigrant is largely a silent one,” she wrote in an e-mail. “Immigrants suffer great sorrow and anguish at the hands of those who are ‘sick with hate’ yet must show a strength and resilience that is never experienced by most of us. This exhibition demonstrates some of this silent story.”

Stewart encourages patrons who haven’t seen the exhibits featuring 50 works of art, including linocuts and encaustic paintings to come by the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Building and Gallery early and spend time with the Mier exhibit and “El Grabado Mexicano: Prints from Mexico.” Mier’s works illustrate personal testimonies of women immigrants from Mexico, their struggles and triumphs; the latter celebrates the bicentennial anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain and the centennial anniversary of the Mexican Revolution

“It’s a great opportunity for art-lovers to see works important to another country’s cultural heritage,” she said of the shows coordinated by the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) and the Ministry of Culture of Michoacán.

The panel discussion will begin at 5:30 p.m. with Georgetown professors Holly Barbaccia (English) Yoli Carter (Undergraduate Education), Daniel Graham (Art), Jamie Ratliff (Art History) and Melissa Scheier (Political Science). Emily Brandon, Director of International Programs will introduce them and special guest Fred de Rosset, KIIS’s Director of Mexico Programs.

Here are quick-takes from two of the panelists:

Daniel Graham – “From a printmaker’s perspective, I find that this exhibition is an exquisite example of a specific and often underdeveloped facet of relief printing. The investment of time alone from these artists in the creation of these works demands our attention. ”

Holly Barbaccia – “As an English professor and director of Women’s Studies, I appreciate how works in the exhibition tell a story about women’s transformation and liberation.”

Anne Wright Wilson Art Building, corner of College & Mulberry streets; Monday-Friday, noon to 4:30 p.m., or call (502) 863-8399 for special appointment; www.georgetowncollege.edu/art/gallery/gallery.htm#general