This fall, Georgetown College is offering a new program, two new majors and a popular, new minor – all with an eye toward preparing students for future careers and the global community.

This fall we are introducing the Foundations and Core Program, our new approach to general education requirements. The new program introduces two common Foundations courses designed to integrate development of academic skills with the building of a campus culture of intellectual inquiry. Overall, the program unites a multi-level focus on academic skill development (Foundations) with a broad-based approach to investigating areas of inquiry in traditional liberal arts disciplines (Core).
The college is also introducing two new majors: Computational Sciences, an interdisciplinary major combining mathematics, computer science, and natural sciences; and German Studies.

In addition, the Sociology department is now offering a minor in Sustainable Community Development, which can also be pursued as an area of emphasis inside the Sociology major.

Here’s more from Georgetown College Provost Rosemary Allen on the key first course, Foundations 111:

“This course lives up to its name: it is designed to provide a firm foundation for student success throughout their college career. We are focusing intensely on key academic skill development—specifically reading comprehension, writing, and critical thinking. At the same time, these skills are not divorced from content; we are also providing a condensed “great books” survey of the major eras in western civilization, with the intent of giving students a road map that will help them organize and understand their journey through all the liberal arts disciplines.”

“We believe that students taking this class will have an opportunity to explore a broad range of areas of interest—from philosophy and literature to science and economics to art and music, all in the context of how our culture has developed since the classical era. When students are intrigued by issues that arise, we can guide them into both additional Foundations and Core classes and into areas that they may wish to consider as their academic major.”

“With this foundation, we are laying the groundwork for the future of our students. Foundations 111 is just the first part of a larger program, Foundations and Core, that is designed to take students through progressively more challenging skill development tasks that will make it possible for them to become the innovative, flexible, critical thinkers that today’s employers are demanding.”

On the program as a whole:

“The Foundations and Core program will lead our students through the many levels of development that college students must experience. We will not only teach key skills, but make sure that those skills are reinforced over the course of the students’ college careers. We will ensure that they develop the flexibility of mind that comes from exploring a variety of subject areas (what we call “areas of inquiry”), and we ask them to be prepared to engage with our increasingly global community. At the same time, we will continue true to our Christian mission by making sure that our students include religious perspectives in their intellectual development.”