By Molly Shoulta ‘13
GC News Bureau Intern

Georgetown College Vocal Professor Heather Hunnicutt, left, with her four seniors who have key roles in “OpShop;” Hagan Hill of Lexington, center, then clockwise; Daniel Ng of Georgetown; Cate Kilgore of Bowling Green; and Chelsey Bottoms of Scottsville.

Only three months ago, the Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop was merely cross-listed as MUS104, MUS204, MUS304, and MUS404 in the GC Spring 2010 Course Catalog. Now, under the direction of Georgetown College Vocal Professor Heather Hunnicutt, those enrolled are the performers, costumers, technicians, dancers, and everything in between for the class affectionately called “OpShop.”

The program appearing only next Thursday night (April 15) in John L. Hill Chapel will be the most diverse program in the four-year history of the class Hunnicutt revived from years ago. There’s a little pop, a little opera, a little 70’s, and a little operetta all tied together into performance that would appeal to varied tastes. While the show is free, donations are welcome to support the College’s Lyric Theatre Society.

The students in “OpShop” will be sharing the stage on the final number with the new Scott County High School Show Choir, under the direction of Dee Ann Gray. This not only raises the energy level, but gives some talented high school students in the Georgetown area an opportunity to feel out the waters in a college level performance.

“It means a lot to me that I have the opportunity to work with them,” says SCHS junior Victoria House, a member of the Show Choir. “There is so much to learn from people who are older than you and have more experience than you do.”

Three members of Scott County High School’s new Show Choir – Kara Ward, left, Victoria House and Emily Keith – are pictured here from SCHS’s production of “Bye, Bye, Birdie” earlier this year.

Show Choir senior Jeremy Roberts is glad for this unexpected, early debut. “I think it’s really exciting,” Roberts said, “that within the first month of SCHS’s Show Choir, we have been invited to perform with a college group! This performance with GC has given our group a source of focus.”

Dr. Hunnicutt leaped at the chance to collaborate with the new high school group, knowing that some of this local talent will likely be in her College classes and performances down the road. “And, this is an excellent chance for my college students to be mentors to the high schoolers,” Hunnicutt said. “Not only do I expect my OpShop-ers to share their passion with the audience, but also with this next generation of performers.”

The College performers will have a number of Show Choir members to connect with, too. Director Gray, who had a great response for auditions in November, is bringing about 30 students from freshmen to seniors to their first joint “OpShop” rehearsal on Sunday (April 11). “I was surprised anyone had even heard of us,” Gray said.

Certainly anyone who has followed the evolvement of “OpShop” the past four years has heard of Cate Kilgore of Bowling Green and Daniel Ng of Georgetown. The two College seniors will be taking on the role of director for two scenes from the musicals “Tom Jones” and “Little Shop of Horrors,” respectively.

Kilgore and Ng will also perform together in a scene from “Don Pasquale” that Hunnicutt said is “exciting and vocally challenging.”

Kilgore, who is also president of the Lyric Theatre Society at the College, is truly in the spotlight in her collegiate finale. “Cate’s extra special because she’s been with me all four years of (Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop),” Hunnicutt said. “This is definitely her big moment.”

Lights, camera, and action will fall under the job description of juniors Chuck Harris of Georgetown and Sean McPeek of Shelbania as they will be running the sound and light board as well as performing. During the first half of the show, Harris will be running tech and McPeek will be on stage. During the second half, they will switch roles. They are both members of the Chapel Tech team, a new organization this year under the direction of HK Kingkade, director of the Office of Religious Life.

Be prepared for just about anything – a Michael Jackson tribute, a few extra singer-dancers from around campus, laughter, tears of laughter. Dr. Hunnicutt is looking for an A+ “OpShop” performance out of Georgetown’s combined MUS104, 204, 304, and 404 classes.