By Molly Shoulta ‘13
GC News Bureau Intern

Stella Harville“This would never have happened,” Senior Physics Major Stella Harville explained, “if it wasn’t for the exceptional faculty and staff at Georgetown College who have prepared me to succeed in and out of the classroom.”

Harville was recently accepted into the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Optical Engineer Masters Program, one of the top Engineering Masters programs in the nation intended to train students in practical application of optics. Acceptance requires constant diligence and hard work towards the completion of a science or engineering degree.

Over the course of 15 months in the program, Stella will work with professors to complete the requirements for a Masters of Optical Engineering degree. The degree will include five required courses, 4 electives, a thesis, and oral exam. The thesis will involve a faculty advisor as well as involve the interests of a business, an industry, or even government. Congrats, Stella!