By Molly Shoulta ‘13
GC News Bureau Intern

During the weekend of March 26-28, the Vocal Music students of Georgetown hit another high note. Since Georgetown’s installment of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and the student chapter (SNATS) several years ago, at least one student has broken past the first rounds of competition in the Regional conference. No other school in the near region can boast of this – not even UK.

This year, the Mid-South Regional competition was held at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee where Senior Cate Kilgore (soprano) and Junior Chuck Harris (countertenor) reached semi-finals and Nathan Van Til (baritone), as a freshman, reached finals and brought home a third place achievement in Musical Theatre. Pianists Daniel Ng and Lori Smith also traveled with the students and have collaborated with them all year to perfect their respective pieces. Dr. Heather Hunnicutt, vocal professor at Georgetown, says that it is hard to express just how hard these students have worked to achieve this and harder still to express how proud she is of their accomplishments.