By Molly Shoulta ‘13
GC News Bureau Intern

Currently studying at Oxford, Coran Stewart has accomplished a feat rarely seen by undergraduates. It is not often that a college student is published by an academic press, but Stewart has defied the odds. Men’s Studies Press will publish the book containing a chapter co-authored by the Georgetown student entitled “Micro-Grants and Adventure Travel: Engaging College Men in Vocational Discernment at Georgetown College” in May of this year. Sponsored by a gift from the Lilly Endowment, the book focuses on essays from mentors of college and high school men to increase their involvement in the community or campus for the overall good. It is recommended for all college faculty and staff committed to increase male involvement on campus. The Meetinghouse played an instrumental part in the application process to make it possible for the college to work with the Lilly Endowment and for Stewart to get his work published.