Friday, Oct. 16 marks the opening of two great Homecoming exhibitions.

Home Economics


Dr. Juilee Decker of the art department and Elinor Hay formerly of the Home Economics department look over an old scrapbook from the Home Ec Club.

The first opening will take place in the Cochenour Gallery (in the LRC) from noon – 2 p.m. Each year a group of students under the direction of Dr. Juilee Decker delve into the college’s past by exploring the GC archives. This year’s topic is the former Home Ec major and the special exhibition will include objects, photographs, and lots of great stories!

Then, pass the time before Songfest from 5-7 p.m. in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery, the college is proud to present an exhibit of alumni artworks! Spanning fifty years of graduates and with fifty participating artists, this exhibition is a celebration of what Georgetown alumni are doing now.

As always, food and great company will be available at both opening receptions!

Home Economics was a popular major throughout much of Georgetown College’s history. Students had the opportunity to learn about important issues like child development, budgeting, and nutrition. At one point, students even had the opportunity to live in the Home Ec House and be responsible for all aspects of living there including financial planning and the planning and creation of balanced meals. Home Economics as a major ceased to exist in the late 1990s and the Home Ec exhibition seeks to tell the stories and show the artifacts of this wonderful major that served so many Georgetown College students. In researching the exhibition, the Curatorial Studies class, led by Dr. Juilee Decker, has contacted Home Ec alumni, interviewed former Home Ec professor Elinor Hay, and searched the college archives for memorabilia and other information about the major. Come visit with former Home Ec majors and learn about this unique part of the college’s history.


  • Cochenour Gallery (lobby of the Ensor LRC)
    Corner of College and Mulberry Streets
  • Free public parking available in the Georgetown Baptist Church parking lot
  • Opening reception from 12-2pm on Friday, October 16th
  • Exhibition will be on display from Oct 16 – Nov 13
  • Regular Cochenour Gallery hours 8 p.m. – midnight

Alumni Art Show

 The Stare Digital Photograph

Kari Maloney '04, The Stare Digital Photograph, 2009

wagner, Finding Ones Legs Gone But Arms Long

Christopher Wagner '07, Finding Ones Legs Gone but Arms Long Driftwood, Milk paint, encaustic 2009

Then, come see what Georgetown College art students have been up to since graduation! With so many talented art students graduating from the college, we wanted to showcase what our alumni have been doing recently!

Gallery director Rachel Brewer says, the exhibition spans from Jim McCormick who graduated in the ‘50s and also taught in the art department for many years, to members of the class of 2009 like Ada Beth Mitchell. The exhibition – that includes paintings, photographs, textiles, ceramics, books, metal sculpture, video and more! – began with about 25 artists scheduled to appear, but we have been adding more and more artists as we have been able to track alumni down. We now have 50 artists to showcase.

The exhibition is limited to one work by each artist so that we can include as many alumni as possible. The goal is not to focus on any individual alumni, but to bring our alums together in a sort of celebration in recognition of the good work they continue to do, sometimes years after leaving Georgetown College. While many of our alumni are still local, we are receiving work from all over, including one piece by Luke McLaughlin shipped from abroad.


  • Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery
    Located in the Wilson Art Building on the corner of College and Mulberry Streets
  • Free public parking on College St and nearby church lots on Mulberry Street
  • Opening reception from 5-7 p.m., Friday, October 16
  • Exhibition will be on display from Oct. 16 – Nov. 13
  • Regular Wilson Gallery hours are 12-4:30 weekdays and by appointment

Rachel Brewer
Director of Art Galleries and Curator of Collections

Art Alumni in the Exhibition

  • Mary Carlton
  • Miles Jackson
  • Amber Tackett Chapman
  • Kari Maloney
  • Josh Howard
  • Tim Boyce
  • Paula Stone-Buckner
  • Jessica Jackson
  • Rachel Fawcett Allen
  • Ada Beth Mitchell
  • Mitzi Gray
  • Leah Crews Castleman
  • Rebecca Becknell Cunningham
  • Rachel Brewer
  • Chris Wagner
  • Laura Medley
  • Lindsey Jaeger
  • Doug Prather
  • Rachel Brewer
  • Trista Coy
  • Ben Crossley
  • Brandon Long
  • Amber Bridges
  • Makaine Huffer
  • Emily Wallace Simon
  • Hannah Davis
  • Bethany Meier
  • Amy Walters Monroe
  • Janet Abell
  • Betty Bone
  • Sarah McCommon
  • Luke McLaughlin
  • Jim Terry
  • Kristin Chambers Long
  • Robyn Ryan
  • Shannon Suzanne Berry
  • Lauren Sims
  • Annie Lester
  • Lauren Flaherty
  • Kyle Johnson
  • Zac Donnelly
  • Jim McCormick
  • Julie Wheeler Peacock
  • Harry Croghan
  • Karen Leverenz