By Eric W. Fruge ‘75

Earliest class composite

1857 Class Composite C.C. Davenport is the middle photo on the left side

Many thanks to Dr. Jim Marchman and his wife for contributing to the College’s archives the correspondence and diaries of his parents when they were here as students in the 1930s and again in the 1940s. They are rich in detail and provide an understanding of college life during that turbulent period that has no equal in our archives.

Dr. Marchman transcribed hundreds of handwritten materials and provided the College with the original materials, the printed and bound transcriptions, and CDs containing the materials. The total comprises seven volumes! Thank you so much!

1857 Remembered

Last week an article appeared in the Bastrop Daily Enterprise, published in Morehouse parish in Northern Louisiana. It came to the attention of Jim Allison, Associate Vice-President for Institutional Development, who forwarded it to me.

The article was about C.C. Davenport, an 1857 graduate of GC who later enlisted in the Twelfth Louisiana Infantry, Army of Tennessee, during the Civil War. He is best remembered in Louisiana for a series of columns he began writing for the Mer Rouge Democrat in 1910 that were later published as “Looking Backward: Memoirs of the Early Settlement of Morehouse Parish.”

I recalled that 1857 was the first year that Georgetown College made a photo composite of its graduates. I contacted the writer of the article, Wes Helbling, and offered to send an e-version of the composite. Mr. Helbling was deeply appreciative. He indicated that Mr. Davenport’s photo in the composite would be the only known surviving photograph of him. I emailed the composite and Davenport’s photo was published the following day. GC is pleased to have contributed to Morehouse Parish’s understanding of one of its most important historians.

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