Some amazing, multi-talented students find College Maskrafters to be a wonderful outlet, especially as they juggle so many other tasks and opportunities at Georgetown College. Here the cast members of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (March 27-29, April 3-5) share some “up close and personal” thoughts. The graphics are by two senior Art majors from Lexington – sketches by Hannah Davis, who designed the costumes as her Senior Project; and photos by Sarah Yost. (The curtain is at 8 p.m. each night in the Ruth Pearce Wilson Lab Theatre. Tickets are $4 for students, $5 for adults; call (502) 863-8134 for reservations.)

Paul Eddy as Nick Bottom

Bottom - Paul

“If my character, Bottom, where writing this, he would answer not what Georgetown has done for him, but what he has done for Georgetown College. As for me, Georgetown has provided the intimate atmosphere I needed to comfortably be myself. I joined a wonderful fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, which gave me community and a place to serve in a few leadership positions. I have also been able to act in many plays, direct a play, and am currently in pre-production to shoot an independent short film. Most importantly, the college has introduced me to an incredibly gifted group of peers and educators that have opened my mind and helped form the person I am today.”

Paul Eddy, who portrays Nick Bottom
Junior Theatre and Psychology double major from Georgetown

Stu Perry as Francis Flute/Thisby

Flute - Stu

“Coming to Georgetown has really been a huge blessing in my life. It has allowed me to participate in everything I have ever wanted to be a part of. Since arriving at Georgetown, I have been able to participate in the student government as freshman class president, join the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, become a member of Project Compassion (a group which works to combat hunger in Guatemala), and become a Maskrafter with the Georgetown theater department. I have participated in every production offered since I’ve been here, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have had the roles of Robert in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play ‘Proof’ and Sipos in the outrageous musical comedy ‘She Loves Me.’ Most recently, I played Ned Finnegan in George McGee’s ‘A Fence For Martin Maher.’ This fall, we are taking that show to Ireland. I can’t wait to see the inspiration for this show, and be able to perform it in that wonderful land.”

Stu Perry, who portrays Francis Flute/Thisby
Sophomore Sociology major and Religion/Psychology double minor from Crestwood

Michael McCord as Eqeus

Egeus - Michael

“This has been the 13th performance I have been involved with at Georgetown, including the feature film ‘Surviving Guthrie’ and short film ‘Doc Doc.’ However, nothing tops Shakespeare on the stage, especially at Georgetown. This is the second of the Bard’s plays in which I have performed. We have been continuously blessed with humble, hard working performers who bring fire and immense characterization to these plays under the direction of our theater professors. Any performance is an immense undertaking and learning experience. But these plays are sure to stretch you as a performer and George (McGee) and Ed (Smith) make sure you learn from it…while having fun, of course.”

Michael McCord, who portrays Egeus
Senior Theatre, Math, and Computer Science triple major from Cynthiana

Allison Damron as Mustardseed

Mustard Seed - Allison

“As an English major, I’ve read countless Shakespeare plays, yet it’s amazing to see the words come to life in so many different ways through the mouths of the different actors in this play. I’ve been in several different Maskrafters productions and, regardless of the part, it’s been amazing to be involved with such a creative and hardworking group of people. Georgetown has allowed me to experience many different things over my four years here, from studying abroad in Oxford to working with the campus literary magazine to getting onstage with my friends. I’m going to miss it!”

Allison Damron, who portrays Mustardseed
Senior English major and Psychology minor from Catlettsburg

JC Campbell as Demetrius

Demetrius - JC

“I love the fact that I can be myself at Georgetown – actor, choreographer, leader (of the new Ambassadors for Diversity), minister, and currently working on my tutorial for admissions into Regent’s Park/Oxford! Playing Demetrius in a great Shakespearean comedy is exciting!”

JC Campbell, who portrays Demetrius
Sophomore Religion major/Psychology & Philosophy double minor from Louisville

Dominique Higdon as Helena

“It has been incredible being able to get away from school work for a few hours every night and becoming another character, and acquiring all those lovely bumps and bruises along the way. Literally! ‘MND’ is bound to be a fantastic show, but more like a dream to those in it. It’s a chance for us to show what we are capable of. It is another way for Georgetown to let its thespians shine!

It has been exciting as a freshman getting involved in so many different activities. Sometimes it seemed as though I didn’t know where to stop because Georgetown was very good at opening these opportunities up for me. All anyone needs is the passion and willingness to become involved.

I was in ‘Last Night Karaoke’ last semester, and was a winner that received a large, fake $1,000 check. That was so much fun! I am also the VP of Entertainment on the Georgetown Activities council which has given me the opportunity to meet many interesting people. The theatre department encouraged me to audition for the Kentucky Theatre Association which gave me the wonderful opportunity to attend the Southeast Theatre Conference in Birmingham this year. The music department has many opportunities for performing as well.”

Dominique Higdon, who portrays Helena
Freshman Musical Theatre major, German minor from Louisville

Amanda Kachler as Peter Quince

Quince - Amanda

“During my time at Georgetown thus far I have been given many opportunities. I’ve joined a wonderful sorority, Sigma Kappa and have gotten involved in numerous other organizations on campus. My experiences and opportunities with Maskrafters have been incredible to say the least. – including many different types of roles both on and off the stage. I am looking forward to hopefully traveling to Ireland in August to perform in a traveling show – ‘A Fence for Martin Maher’ – that we have worked on throughout this year.”

Amanda Kachler, who portrays Peter Quince
Junior Theatre major, Communication minor from Maysville

Kristin Dickinson as Hippolyta

Hippolyta - Kristin

“As a graduating senior, I must say that Theatre at Georgetown has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my college career. George (McGee), Ed (Smith), and Dathan (Powell) have influenced me in many ways and guided me towards a promising future! And getting to play an Amazon queen in ‘Midsummer’ has been a lot of fun!”

Kristin Dickinson, who portrays Hippolyta
Senior Theatre major, Chemistry minor from Trenton (Todd County)

Jonathan Yelotn as Puck

“I have loved Georgetown College since day one. After getting involved as President of the Freshman class and as RA in my hall, I am most proud of my decision to get involved in theatre.”

Jonathan Yelton, who portrays Puck
Freshman from Louisville

Lydia Shaw as Cobweb

CobWeb - Lydia

“We have become a sort of family in the time we have spent here together. We disagree sometimes and don’t always get along, but at the end of the day we always know that there is an entire cast of people who we can depend on and who will always have our backs. Performing Shakespeare is a whole different level of acting. Some days prove to be more challenging than others, but everything is easier knowing that we have the love and support of our fellow cast members.”

Lydia Shaw, who portrays Cobweb
Sigma Kappa Sorority
Junior Elementary Education major, Theatre minor from Elizabethtown

Terkeisha Tyler as Peaseblossom

Peas Blossom - Keysha

“I came to Georgetown College because I heard they had an awesome Theater department…and we do! Theater has made me more confident not only acting, but also in everyday situations. George McGee is a great mentor and director and I love working with him. This is my first Shakespeare play. What I love most about MSND is Shakespeare’s imagination and what I love most about my character is the magic that the fairies bring into the play.

Terkeisha Tyler, who portrays Peaseblossom
Junior Theatre major from Lexington

Shannon Brunk as Titania

Titania - Shannon

“This is my first time performing in a Shakespeare play, and I believe I have learned more by these challenges than by any other role.”

Shannon Brunk, who portrays Titania
Sophomore from Lexington

Elyssa McElrath as Tom Snout


“Ever since I was little, I have loved dressing up as people in stories, so acting seemed like a natural career choice. Being part of (MSND) here has been has been a magical experience – and so has my first year at Georgetown. When I’m not rehearsing, I enjoy singing in the Concert Choir, composing songs, writing stories, and creating artwork. Because I always loved fantasy more than reality, I’m not very much like my “rustic” character. Still, I feel this opportunity has helped me expand my acting skills and ability to find common ground. It has also been fun to play a comic character!”

Elyssa McElrath, who portrays Tom Snout
Freshman Theatre major from Altadena, CA

Shawn McPeek as Oberon

Oberon - Shawn

“As actors, it is our job to lie to the audience. It’s your job, as the audience to believe us.”

Shawn McPeek, who portrays Oberon
Freshman from Shelbania

Matt Higss as Theseus

Thesus - Matt

“I’ve loved being a part of plays at Georgetown College and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is one of my favorite plays here. It’s been a blast with this great cast and crew. And besides, it’s fun to be king!”

Matt Higgs, who portrays Theseus
Senior from Louisville

Ian Ellis as Lysander

Lysander - Ian

“I had heard a great deal about the high quality of the Theatre program at Georgetown. This is my first major performance here and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.”

Ian Ellis, who portrays Lysander
Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity
Sophomore History major from Covington

Sidney Hall as Snug/Lion


“I came to Georgetown College because I knew that the Theatre program was really good. The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.”

Sidney Hall, who portrays Snug/Lion
Freshman Theatre major from Lexington