KAL bicentennialFrankfort, KY (February 10, 2009)– Students across the commonwealth will have access to a Lincoln learning experience during the Lincoln Bicentennial this week, thanks to a partnership among several state agencies and organizations, including the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

Educational resources for Kentucky students include Lincoln-related lesson plans, an educational DVD, and a learning resource sheet specifically designed for the February 12, 2009 bicentennial.

“This is a great opportunity to educate our students about Kentucky’s Lincoln heritage as we honor the 200th anniversary of his birth,” said Kentucky Sen. Dan Kelly, co-chairman of the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. “Many Kentuckians have great pride in the fact that Lincoln was born here. These educational tools will allow future generations to understand the source of that pride.”

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), in cooperation with the Underground Railroad Research Institute at Georgetown College, created a network consisting of teachers across the state. Through this network, teachers created lesson plans and support materials for classroom use during the bicentennial. All lessons and units are in accordance with Kentucky’s content standards and are designed to be integrated into existing curricula. Lesson plans are available at Georgetown College’s Lincoln site or at KDE’s Lincoln site.

In addition, the Kentucky Historical Society, administrator of the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, provided and distributed printed learning resource sheets for more than 101,000 Kentucky fourth and fifth grade students, and Kentucky Educational Television (KET) provided DVDs to all Kentucky public schools. The 14-minute production, Lincoln: The Kentucky Years, includes segments from the KET documentary, Lincoln: I, too, am a Kentuckian, and other Lincoln-related productions.

Explore these Lincoln educational resources by visiting the KALBC school toolkit, or visit KET’s Lincoln page to view KET’s many Lincoln-related educational resources.

About Us

The mission of the KALBC is to commemorate, in conjunction with the National Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, emphasizing Kentucky’s contribution to his thoughts and ideals, and to serve as a coordinator of statewide efforts to convey Lincoln’s Kentucky story and his legacy of freedom, democracy, and equal opportunity for all.

For more information about the Kentucky Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, visit www.kylincoln.org.


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