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Paul Volcker Visit to Campus in October Was Precursor of What He’s Telling World Bankers


From left: Dani Fuentes (President’s Ambassador and native of Temuco, Chile); Carolyn Allen (Global Scholar from Manchester, KY), Ashlee Gordon (President’s Ambassador and Bishop Legacy Scholar from Dallas), Volcker, Julia Smith (Global Scholar from Rineyville, KY (Hardin County), Ashley Hashampour (the College’s “pioneer” Global Scholar), and ’09 graduate Melinda […]

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Amidst the Noise, Don’t Miss Out On Joyous Whispers of the Season

By Tori Bachmann-Johnson ‘12

We live in a noisy world. Georgetown College President William H. Crouch could tell you a thing or two about noise – he recently stood next to the speakers at a Kenny Chesney concert. Yet in all the noise, God whispers to us, and He has a lot […]

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Thanksgiving Abroad

By Whitley Arens ‘11Personally, I was always one of those of the mind that Thanksgiving is much over-looked in America due to the impending “Christmas Craziness” that begins sometime, depending on region and personal-enthusiasm level, around November 1. 

However, spending this semester studying abroad in England has kind of put this into […]

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Ten $10,000-per-Year Scholarships Await Science Students of Under-Served Areas

Ten high-achieving high school seniors from under-served mountain or rural counties, or the inner city, are about to experience a Science education at Georgetown College they could only dream about. But, the Feb. 1, 2010 deadline for applications is approaching fast.Thanks to a major grant from the National Science Foundation, Georgetown […]

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Concert Choir Invites Citizens To Chime in at “Messiah Sing”

The holiday season would be incomplete without Handel’s “Messiah” in some fashion at Georgetown College – and this Sunday (Dec. 6) at 3 p.m. is the alternating year of “Messiah Sing.” This free event is where the community and Concert Choir join voices in John L. Hill Chapel. 

“There is a long […]

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