The annual Georgetown College Music Department Faculty Showcase Recital is always an entertaining afternoon. But, this Sunday (Jan. 27) at 3 p.m. is the public’s chance to hear a special piece by department chair Sonny Burnette on saxophone accompanied by professor emeritus Daniel Tilford on the new Johannus digital pipe organ in John L. Hill Chapel.

According to Burnette, the Eugene Bozza “Aria” is a work for alto saxophone and piano written in the style of Bach. “I think it is even more successful on organ than on piano,” said Dr. Burnette of the wrinkle Tilford brings to this performance.

“I love the organ timbres that Dr. Tilford has chosen,” Burnette added. “The two instruments blend extremely well together. We’ve been having a ball rehearsing this truly beautiful ballad.”

The other featured performers include: Dr. H.M. Lewis, trumpet; Dr. Peter LaRue, trombone; Dr. John Campbell, tenor; Dr. Heather Winter Hunnicutt, soprano; Dr. Mami Hayashida, piano; and Lori Smith on piano. They’ll perform music of Bachelet, Donizetti, Goedicke, Gounod, Graundahl and Schubert.

The organ – named for the Daniel Tilford and Mildred Osborne families – was dedicated during Opening Convocation in September. It was crafted to Tilford’s specifications by Johannus Church Organs, a company in the Netherlands that manufactures digital pipe organs.

The concert is free and open to the public.