Strengthening a tradition of teaching students as the No. 1 priority, Georgetown College will dedicate The Branch Banking and Trust Business and Ethics Collection at noon Tuesday, Dec. 4 in the lobby of its Ensor Learning Resource Center.

“This big, big seed will help grow our collections and provide a level of excellence in information resources for our students,” said head librarian Mary Margaret Lowe, lauding the biggest gift since the LRC was built in 1998. “We hope the students think of the library – the heart of the academic campus – as their top priority, too.”

The College and the BB&T Charitable Foundation – which committed $150,000 ($30,000 annually for five years) to the project in 2005 – can celebrate 671 volumes thus far. The quality, as well as the quantity, of items in the collection will also help Georgetown in its pursuit of Phi Beta Kappa standards.

Provost Rosemary Allen, while intensely interested in the pieces that factor into PBK, is especially appreciative of quality. “I’m particularly grateful for the way this gift allows us to develop depth in a particular area,” said Allen, a former Georgetown department chair (English). “We have many, many needs for expanded library resources, and we sometimes sacrifice depth for breadth. But this gift allows us to develop depth in a particularly important area of inquiry.”

Business ethics as an area and the College’s mission of developing ethical scholars fits particularly well with BB&T’s core values, according to Harvey Coggin, Senior Vice President for the Central Kentucky region and one of BB&T’s representatives who will attend the event. “I’m very much aware of what President Crouch and the College are trying to do in maintaining Christian values within an academic environment,” said Coggin, who has worked closely with the College in various banking roles since the early ‘90s.

Lowe, the librarian, proudly pointed out that department chairmen Dr. Tom Cooper (Business) and Dr. Norman Wirzba (Philosophy) were instrumental in choosing the volumes and materials. “And,” she exclaimed, “they will actually be teaching the volumes they helped choose!”

Cooper, humbled by the generosity of this very targeted gift, said, “We’ve been able to buy about anything we wanted to. And, when a really good opportunity comes along, we can seize the moment and purchase something we otherwise couldn’t have.”

Cooper indicated that building a collection over the years is usually a sporadic process. “But, with this gift, we’ve been able to identify what every small college ought to have (in these areas) and we’ll be able to buy every classic we ought to have. This gives us a lot of books of enduring value.”

Wirzba is excited for the faculty as well as the students. “This gift has also allowed us to purchase other instructional media such as DVDs that are really useful in supplementing what we do,” he said. “This collection – which will continue to develop over the next couple of years – will help (professors) prepare for classes in ways we might not otherwise do.”

The BB&T collection provides a valuable tool to enhance undergraduate education for the entire student body. With conviction, Lowe added, “We feel like we are more student-focused than most institutions.”