Applied students at the MUS 161 level and above must participate in a primary ensemble in order to study privately each semester of study.  The ensemble should be reflective of the student’s major area of study. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the applied professor as soon as possible during the first week of classes in order to arrange a lesson meeting time.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the lesson during the first week.  The applied grade will also be impacted if the lesson is not scheduled promptly.

Applied Music Practice Requirements

A minimum of one hour practice per day per applied credit is required.  For example, a student receiving two semester hours of credit must practice two hours per day (minimum of 12 hours per week).  Students not meeting this requirement may expect to have their applied grade adjusted accordingly.  The applied professor may require that students maintain a log of personal practice time, which may be inspected at any time.


Students are expected to be present at each scheduled private lesson and all scheduled rehearsals with accompanists.  In the event of illness or other emergency, you must contact your professor and/or accompanist prior to the lesson or rehearsal time.  Likewise, professors will contact students in advance, or a notice will be posted, should circumstances prevent the regularly-scheduled session.  Lessons will be made up if the absence is excused due to illness or a bona fide emergency and the professor is contacted in advance of the lesson.  Unexcused absences will result in the lowering of your earned applied course grade, the amount of which is to be determined by the applied professor.

No music major may register for more than two hours of applied study (in the same area) per semester.  No music minor may register for more than one hour of applied study (in the same area) per semester. Exceptions must be approved through the Music Department Chair’s office.

Applied music courses may NOT be audited.

Course Numbering System for Applied Music and Music Activities

  • 160 – Lower level (1 hour) Elective
  • 161 – Lower level (1 hour) Minor
  • 162 – Lower level (2 hours) Major
  • 361 – Upper level (1 hour) Minor
  • 362 – Upper level (2 hours) Major
  • 462 – Capstone Applied Study (2 hours) Major; Semester of Senior Recital
  • BA – Upper Brass, Dr. H. M. Lewis
  • G – Guitar, Michael Fogler
  • LB – Low Brass, Dr. Peter LaRue
  • OA – Organ, Daniel Tilford
  • PA – Piano, Dr. Mami Hayashida
  • PR – Percussion, Mark Tate
  • SA – Strings, Adjunct Professor
  • VA – Voice, Dr. Heather Winter Hunnicutt
  • VB – Voice, Dr. John W. Campbell
  • VC – Voice, Dr. Rebecca Miller
  • WA – Woodwinds, Jana Flygstad (flute)
  • WB – Woodwinds, Adria Sutherland (clarinet)
  • WC – Woodwinds, Adjunct Professor (double reeds)
  • WD – Woodwinds, Dr. Sonny Burnette (saxophone)

Assignment of Applied Professor

Studio assignments are determined by applied faculty in consultation with the Department Chair.  New students may request an applied professor before the semester begins.  Students are assigned to their first preference, if possible, but if that professor should have a full load, the student will be assigned to another professor.

A list of student/professor assignments will be posted on the main bulletin board and/or on the individual professor’s studio doors at the beginning of the semester.  Please note the professor to whom you have been assigned, as a change of applied section may be necessary.

Students must locate their professor assignments and immediately contact that professor.  Professors are not responsible for making contact with their students.  Students whose names do not appear on any list should check with the Music Department Chair to determine the applied professor.

Completed schedules need to be given to the applied professor as soon as possible during the first week of classes so that lessons may be scheduled.  If you do not contact your applied professor during the first week of classes, the professor is not obligated to make up that lesson.

Change of Applied Professor

Students requesting a change of professor must make application to do so with the Music Department Chair after completing one year (two semesters) of private instruction.  A change can only take place when the desired professor has openings in the studio and it has been ascertained that the change would be beneficial to the student.  After one year of study, professors, in consultation with the Music Department Chair, may direct that a student change applied professors.