(Effective Fall 2005)

Twenty hours, including:  MUS 111, 200, 335, 415, 422; three hours selected from 109, 112 or any other music courses numbered 200 and above; and four semesters of applied music in one field.  Participation in a primary music ensemble is required each semester of residence.

A music minor (B.A., B.M.) is also possible for string players, who must register for MUS 106A Chamber Ensemble each semester in order to meet the “primary ensemble” requirement.  If, due to lack of ensemble personnel, MUS 106A does not materialize during a given semester, the student must then register for either the standard instrumental (MUS105) or choral (MUS102 or 101) primary ensemble during that semester.


Music minors should take the following music courses the first semester:

FALL: MUS 102 Concert Choir (1 hour) or MUS 105 Symphonic Band (1 hour), MUS 111 Basic Musicianship I (4 hours), MUS 161 Applied Music (1 hour).  Six hours, total.