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Professor Homer White (Chair); Associate Professors Bryan Crawley (Coordinator) and Danny Thorne

Georgetown College is currently phasing out its majors and minors in Computer Science and Computational Sciences, and its majors in Information Systems and Management Information Systems. Students who enrolled in these majors and minors prior to Fall 2014 should consult college catalogs from previous years for information on requirements for these programs.


100. Mathematics and Computing. (3 hours) A survey of computer science including some basic mathematical foundations of computing and a gentle introduction to computer programming. This course carries the Quantitative Flag (Q) in the Foundations and Core Program. Prerequisite: ACT math subscore of 19, GSS 105, or bypass credit for GSS 105.
As needed

115. Computer Science I. (3 hours) Developing algorithms to solve problems and using the computer as a tool to implement algorithms. Study of a modern programming language and the paradigm it represents. Topics include control structures, functions, pointers, sorting, and searching. This course carries the Quantitative Flag (Q) in the Foundations and Core Program.

215. Computer Science II. (3 hours) Introduction to data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, more general graphs and heaps using static and dynamic representations. Use of multi-dimensional arrays and recursion. This course carries the Quantitative Flag (Q) in the Foundations and Core Program. Prerequisite: CSC 115.
As needed

270. Topics in Programming. (.5-3 hours) An opportunity for students to explore programming languages and programming methods. Prerequisite: CSC 215.
As needed