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Professor Homer White (Chair); Associate Professors Bryan Crawley (Coordinator) and Danny Thorne

Georgetown College offers a minor in computer science; we are currently in the process of redesigning the minor, and will publish requirements once the redesign is complete.  Some courses are listed below.


100. Mathematics and Computing. (3 hours) A survey of computer science including some basic mathematical foundations of computing and a gentle introduction to computer programming. This course carries the Quantitative Flag (Q) in the Foundations and Core Program. Prerequisite: ACT math subscore of 19, GSS 105, or bypass credit for GSS 105.
Fall and Spring

115. Computer Science I. (3 hours) Developing algorithms to solve problems and using the computer as a tool to implement algorithms. Study of a modern programming language and the paradigm it represents. Topics include control structures, functions, pointers, sorting, and searching. This course carries the Quantitative Flag (Q) in the Foundations and Core Program.

215. Computer Science II. (3 hours) Introduction to data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, more general graphs and heaps using static and dynamic representations. Use of multi-dimensional arrays and recursion. This course carries the Quantitative Flag (Q) in the Foundations and Core Program. Prerequisite: CSC 115.

270. Topics in Programming. (.5-3 hours) An opportunity for students to explore programming languages and programming methods. Prerequisite: CSC 215.
As needed

304. Design and Analysis of Algorithms. (3 hours)  Study of algorithms such as advanced searching and sorting algorithms, graph and numerical algorithms, hashing, pattern matching, and others.  Prerequisites:  CSC 215 and MAT 301.

315.  Advanced Programming.  (3 hours)  Study of and experience with larger programming efforts.  Topics such as event-driven programming, including programs with graphic user interfaces, and building static and dynamic libraries.  This course carries the Quantitative Flag (Q) in the Foundations and Core Program.  Prerequisite:  CSC 215.

405.  Database Management. (3 hours) Concepts and structures necessary to design and implement a database system, including file and data organization, data models and a study of a specific database management system.  Prerequisite:  CSC 215.