CSC115 Spring 2010 Syllabus

CSC115 Computer Science I [ https://scholar.georgetowncollege.edu ] MWF 9:00am-9:50pm, Asher 133
Dr. Danny Thorne (dthorne0), Asher 121, 502-863-8362, http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/Departments/mpc/thorne/

Course Description: Developing algorithms to solve problems and using the computer as a tool to implement algorithms. Study of a modern programming language and the paradigm it represents. Topics such as control structures, functions, pointers, sorting and searching.

Text: Savitch, Problem Solving with C++, Seventh Edition http://www.amazon.com/Problem-Solving-7th-Walter-Savitch/dp/0321531345

Topics: We will cover chapters 1-7 and as much of chapters 8-10 as we have time for.

Grading: Categories and weightings: Homework 0.40, Exam One 0.15, Exam Two 0.15, Exam Three 0.15, Final 0.15. Numerical scores between 0 and 1 (0% and 100%) are computed for assignments and exams by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of points possible. Scores for categories are computed by averaging the individual scores in the categories. The score for each category is then weighted according to the above weights to give an overall course score between 0 and 1. The overall score for the course is then mapped to a letter grade for the course as follows: [0.925,1.000]-->A, [0.875,0.925)-->AB, [0.825,0.875)-->B, [0.775,0.825)-->BC, [0.700,0.775)-->C, [0.600,0.700)-->D, [0.000,0.600)-->F .

Homework: Homework will be assigned and collected regularly. Most homework will be in the form of programming projects, but some pencil & paper homework may be assigned on occasion. Homework should be completed independently by each student (see the Honor System section of the Student Handbook http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/studentlife/handbook.pdf). That doesn't mean you cannot discuss concepts related to assignments with each other, but you need to do your own work. If you do discuss aspects of an assignment with others in a way that helps you understand how to complete part(s) of the assignment, cite them on your assignment submission (i.e., provide their name and how they helped you). Likewise, cite any other sources from which you get assistance. If you have to turn in homework late, provide a documented reason.

Do not get behind on homework assignments! If you have trouble completing a homework assignment, come see me for help before the day it is due. A good habit to get into this semester is to budget time to spend in the Asher lab to work on homework during the afternoons, especially when I have office hours. That way, if you have trouble, you can come get me and I will join you in the lab to look at your work and assist you. Start this habit from the very beginning of the semester. If you fall behind, there will come a point when it is essentially impossible for you to catch up. This is because the material that we cover in this course always builds on previous material. You cannot succeed with new material later in the course if you have not already learned the material from earlier in the course.

Exams: Tentative, approximate dates for the midterm exams are Friday Feb 12th, Wednesday Mar 10Friday Mar 12th, and Friday Apr 23rd. If you must miss an exam and want to make it up, arrange it with me at least a couple of days before the exam date, and provide a documented reason for missing. If you know of any compelling reason (e.g., conflicts with important campus related activities) why any of these dates are bad for exams, tell me as soon as possible.

The Final Exam is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11, 9-11am. It will be comprehensive.

Attendance: Your attendance will be monitored. There is no explicit category for attendance in the grading scheme for the course. However, missed exams and homework will affect your grade. Furthermore, attendance will flavor my decisions about borderline scores at the end of the semester.

Office Hours: My office hours ( M 3:30p-4:30p, T 1:30p-2:30p, W 3:30p-4:30p, R 1:30p-2:30p ) are posted on my door and on my web page. They might change, so check my door or the web page to confirm. I am at your disposal independently of office hours. You may call ahead, make an appointment, or just drop by and see if I am available. If I am unavailable due to work-related business when you drop by, I will tell you; otherwise, I am happy to see you anytime.

Notes: Put your cell phones on silent mode (or turn them off) and hide them during class. If/when we go to the lab during class, do not browse Facebook or use your computer for any other activity that I do not instruct you to use it for. Even if you think you do not need to pay attention, recreational browsing/activities unrelated to class may distract some of your classmates.