Dr. Homer White

homer white
A.B. Princeton University in Philosophy
M.A., Ph.D. University of North Carolina in Mathematics
Dr. White’s original area of research was in ergodic theory, which is the study of the long-term average properties of systems that may appear to be chaotic and unpredictable in the short-term. From this work he gradually developed an interest in probability and statistics, and the balance of his teaching efforts are directed toward that area. He is very much engaged in the movement to teach statistics at both elementary and advanced levels with R and related open-source software, and is currently developing R-related software for statistics education. He regularly performs statistical consultations both inside and outside of the College. Other academic interests include the history of mathematics; he has written articles on—and made translations from—both eighteenth-century European mathematicians and mathematicians working in India during Classical times. Dr. White also teaches in the College’s Foundations Program, authoring and maintaining the instructor-resource materials related to the Roman Catholic monk and author Thomas Merton. He is active with the Lexington Friends Meeting (“unprogrammed” Quakers) and the Furnace Mountain Zen Retreat Center, practices Ashtanga yoga, rides a bicycle, works with various grassroots social-justice organizing groups, and tends a somewhat disorderly organic garden.

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