Twenty-one hours required, consisting of:

(1) nine hours taken in early English literature (including ENG 211, at least one course selected from ENG 305 Milton, ENG 325 Renaissance Literature, and ENG 335 Shakespeare, and at least one course chosen from ENG 405 Chaucer, ENG 435 Medieval Literature, ENG 475 Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, and ENG 428 Topics in Women and Literature [when offered as Medieval and Renaissance Women and Writing]);

(2) six hours taken in History (selected from HIS 323 Renaissance and Reformation, HIS 335 History of England, and HIS 356 Medieval History);

(3) six hours taken from two different departments or programs and chosen from the following: ART 216 Survey of Art History I, CLA 314 Mythology in Greek and Roman Literature, CLA 316 Ancient Drama, CLA 370 Topics in Classical Literature, ENG 476 Topics in the English Language (when offered as History of the English Language), FRE 310 Pre-Napoleonic French Civilization and Culture, GER 310 German Cultural Traditions, JPN 320 Traditional Japanese Literature, MUS 425 Music History to 1750, POS 400 Classical Political Theory, PHI 201 History of Philosophy I, REL 249 Religion and Violence, SPA 420 Spanish Literature of the Golden Age, or THE 425 Theatre History.

Finally, students may petition the Program Director to substitute courses not listed here for application towards their minor; appropriate classes might include relevant independent studies, Oxford tutorials and preparatory tutorials, special topics courses, Honors seminars, senior Honors theses, other classes with a majority of medieval or Renaissance content, and new departmental offerings. Minors are encouraged to study abroad.