General Study Abroad Opportunities

Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS)

Kentucky Institute for International Studies - Georgetown CollegeThe Institute strives to offer students not only strong academic programs in which various aspects of international cultures are examined, but also opportunities for independent learning and travel while abroad.

While most KIIS programs are designed to help students improve their command of a foreign language, other programs are not limited to language study. For example, students may study Caribbean marine biology in Puerto Rico; biology, geography and political science in Ecuador; and education, biology and geography in Costa Rica.

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Central College Study Abroad Program

cca logoFor 35 years, Central College has been providing students with international experiences. More than 9,000 students from more than 200 colleges and universities have participated in one of Central’s eight programs. Georgetown College maintains a cooperating agreement with Central College Abroad to facilitate the transfer of credit and financial aid. Study abroad programs are located in England, Wales, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, France, and Austria.

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College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS)

ccis logoCCIS, a partnership of colleges and universities, encompasses the broad spectrum of international higher education. CCIS members sponsor a variety of programs, notably study abroad programs and professional development seminars for faculty and administrators, which are designed to enhance international/intercultural perspectives with the academic community. Programs are available in a wide range of countries including Argentina, Australia, Austria, China, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Russian, Scotland, Spain and Switzerland.

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Spanish Study Abroad Opportunities

Cemanahuac Educational Community

cec logoThe Cemanahuac Educational Community offers a strong academic program of Spanish language study, Latin American studies, and extensive field-study excursions to sites of archeological and historical interest. Located in Cuernavaca, México, the institute is situated in a large villa surrounded by tropical gardens. The Community also maintains a program site in the rural town of Buenavista de Cuéllar.

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Colegio Bautista in Chile

cbc logoA mission/study trip. Students wishing to participate in a foreign mission experience while studying the Spanish language and Chilean culture may do so via this trip to the Baptist Academy of Temuco, Chile.

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Center for Cross-Cultural Study

cxc logoThe Center, housed in two connected classical Sevillan mansions surrounded by historic and artistic monuments in the heart of the city’s commercial and social center, provides a unique learning experience for students in Sevilla, Spain. Both summer and semester programs are offered. The Center actively promotes regular interaction of Spanish and American students by organizing social events and cultural activities such as outings to the theater, festivals and carnivals, art exhibits, concerts and parties with Spanish students. The Center’s philosophy encourages students to set aside American friendships temporarily and develop Spanish ones, in order to become more a part of the culture of Sevilla.

In addition to its programs in Spain, the Center also offers semester and short-term programs in Cuba. Students take classes from native Cuban faculty at the University of La Habana, and participate in an array of cultural activities and study trips designed to encourage direct interaction with the Cuban people.

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Forester Instituto Internacional

fii logoLocated in San José, Costa Rica, the Institute offers several exciting, short-term programs of instruction in the Spanish language. The school’s philosophy is that it be a cheerful, congenial place to learn and includes visits to many of the sites and nature treasures that make Costa Rica unique. The Institute is located in a quiet, elegant residential area, a 20 minute walk from downtown San José, and offers the students sunny classrooms with a magnificent vista of the surrounding mountains. Students are housed with Costa Rican families; this arrangements permits the continued practice of Spanish outside of the classroom while sharing the “Ticos” every day life. Participating families are chosen for their friendliness and helpfulness to the student. Most live within a 15 minute bus ride of the Institute, while a few are within walking distance.

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Institute for Central American Developmental Studies (ICADS)

icads logoICADS offers four separate and distinct program offerings in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize: Spanish Language Immersion Courses, Semester Internship and Research Program, Field Course in Resource Management and sustainable Development Program, and a Summer Internship Program.

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Institute of Spanish Studies

iss logoThis program offers classes at the American Institute in Valencia, Spain. In addition to classes in the Spanish language, culture and literature, cultural activities and direct contact with the Spanish people provide ideal ways to enhance the in-class experience. The faculty is composed of highly qualified professors from the University of Valencia as well as from other Spanish universities. Classes are small and individual attention is paid to every student. Tours of Spain can be included in the program.

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Japanese Study Abroad Opportunities

AIT Institute

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