Dr. Adela Borrallo-Solís has a book review on Studies in Honor of Vernon Chamberling (ed. Mark Harpring) forthcoming in Hispania. Her article “Desacralizatión pedagógica: reconfiguración de la clase de cultura española a través de la cultura popular norteamericana” is forthcoming in June 2012 in the Actas al V Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Hispánica de Humanidades. She was invited to present the McCandless Lecture at Regent’s Park College, UK; her paper is entitled “Language, Humor and the Crisis of Modernity in Spanish 19th Century Literature.”

While on sabbatical in the fall 2011, Dr. Jana Brill prepared a new course for a spring 2012 Honors Seminar, Secularism Confronts Islam: Focus on France, co-taught with  Dr. Terry Clark from the Religion Department.

Dr. Virginie Cassidy completed the second edition of the Student Activities Manual (Prentice Hall, 2013) to accompany the first year college French textbook Points de départ.

Dr. Bess Dawson presented a paper entitled “Blood on the Snow: The Athlete in Literature of the Third Reich” at the German Studies Association (GSA) annual conference in Louisville, KY. She also traveled to St. Louis, MO in November 2011 to present a paper entitled “The goalie might just as well try to pry open a door with a piece of straw: Soccer and Cinema in Peter Handke’s The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick” at the Midwest Modern Language (MMLA) annual conference.

Dr. John Henkel spent the summer finishing an article on the Roman poet Tibullus and his use of foot puns as a covert (metapoetic) way to talk about his program as a love poet (Metrical Feet on the Road of Poetry: Foot Puns and Intergeneric Polemic in Tibullus), and reviewing a book on metapoetic uses of meter in Roman poetry (Musa Pedestris: Metre and Meaning in Roman Verse, by Llewelyn Morgan).  He is awaiting the publication of his first article, “Nighttime labor: A Metapoetic Vignette Alluding to Aratus at Georgics 1.291–296″, in Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, as well as articles on VirbiusIndiges, and Ages of the World (Metallic) in the forthcoming Virgil Encyclopedia (Wiley-Blackwell). At the January 2012 meeting of the American Philological Association, he presented a paper on Vergil’s development of metapoetic allegory as a covert means to discuss poetics,  “Vergil Talks Technique: Metapoetic Trees in the Georgics.”

Dr. Laura Hunt co-led a study-abroad group to Chile for the second time during May and June 2011. This year’s trip was a great success, with nine Georgetown students experiencing Chilean food, culture, and people … and at the same time improving their Spanish.

While on sabbatical in the spring 2012, Dr. Michael Rich performed selections from the Noh plays TamuraTsunemasa, and Takasago in Kyoto and Omihachiman, where he studied Noh theater with Noh masters Asano Atusyoshi and Tamoi Hiromichi. He was also selected to participate in the Fall Fellowship in Korean Studies, for which he spent two weeks with Korean scholars and government officials.