Dr. Bess Dawson, Program Coordinator | Program Requirements & Courses Offered

Did you know that one of every four Americans has German heritage? Or that Germany has the 4th largest economy in the world and is the largest economic and political influence in Europe? Or that Germany and the United States invest $40 billion in each otherÔÇÖs businesses every year (with over 70 German business invested in the Commonwealth alone!)? Speaking German is helpful to manifold careers. Not only are English and German both Germanic languages (meaning they share many of the same words, word origins and grammar characteristics), but over 100 million people worldwide speak German as their native language. The ability to speak, read and understand German is helpful in both the academic and career worlds. In fact, German is most frequently recommended and/or required for most graduate schools. (It is especially recommended for scientific and art majors!) Aside from its valuable influence on science, art, music, business, and politics (to name only a few), German has a vast historical, cultural and literary landscape that reaps its benefits both inside and outside of the academic setting. Adding German to your studies will enrich your academic life as well as life beyond Georgetown.


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