Beginners: Students beginning a new language should enroll in a 101-level course (FRE 101, GER 101, JAP 101, LAT 101, SPA 101; entry-level Greek is REL 203).

Continuing Study: Students wishing to continue in a language they have already studied should consult the placement instructions below:

Note: Students who have completed 200-level courses in a language, either at Georgetown or another college, will not be allowed to take 100-level courses in that language; students who have  completed 300- or 400-level courses will not be allowed to take 100-level courses or 201. Exceptions must be approved by the department chair.


Students with 1–2 years of high school French should register for FRE 115 (Spring).  Students with 3+ years of high school French who feel reasonably comfortable with the language should register for FRE 201 (Fall).

Questions? Contact the French coordinator, Dr. Jana Brill.


Students with less than two years of German at the High School level should register for GER 101 (Fall).  Students with 2+ years of high school German (level II or higher) and desiring to continue in the same language must take the departmental placement test or speak with the German Program coordinator for placement.

Questions? Contact the German coordinator, Dr. Sigrid Suesse.


Students with little or no high school Japanese should enroll in JPN 101. Students with significant high school Japanese should speak to the Japanese instructor about placement.

Questions? Contact the Japanese instructor, Mr. Nathan Patton.


Students with little or no high school Latin should enroll in LAT 101. Students with significant high school Latin should speak to the Latin coordinator about placement.

Questions? Contact the Latin coordinator, Dr. John Henkel.


Students with no previous knowledge of Spanish or with less than 2 years of high school Spanish should register for SPA 101.   All other students must take the Spanish placement test.

Questions? Contact the Spanish coordinator, Dr. Adela Borrallo-Solís.