The spring 2014 Georgetown College Math Circle meets Sunday afternoons from 2:30 to 3:45 p.m. in Room 133 in Georgetown College’s Asher Science Center according to the following schedule:

January 26: “Exploring Geometry with Tangrams,” led by Dr. Lisa Eddy — You will explore properties and relationships of geometric shapes through the use of tangrams to enhance your learning of measurement and classification of the different geometric shapes.

February 2: “Gravitational Ins and Outs & Ups and Downs,” led by Dr. Jonathan Dickinson — The force of gravity may always bring you down, but the study of gravity can be a lot of fun.  Our examination of gravity will include using experimental data to create a mathematical model of gravitational acceleration, and if time permits, an introduction to projectile motion.

February 9: Topic TBA — This session will be run by Dr. Christine Leverenz.

February 16: “Run, Robot, Run,” led by Dr. Danny Thorne. Description — This session provides an introduction to algorithms using a colorful computer puzzle game. You will learn about some basics of computer programming while instructing an on-screen robot sprite to navigate colorful grids and collect stars. (This is a 2D puzzle game with minimal graphics. You should come prepared to think, not to shoot things or blow up stuff.)

February 23:  “The Artistry of Mathematics,” led by Georgetown College senior Kara Gilvin, an education major/mathematics minor, under the supervision of GCMC Director Dr. Roinestad — We will be exploring geometry through tessellations. You will examine and create tessellations with various requirements, such as one regular polygon, two regular polygons, and ones created from shapes that are not regular. We will ultimately be investigating why some shapes work to create the tiling and why others do not.

March 2: Topic TBA  — This session will be led by Dr. Homer White.

March 9: Designated Snow Day