Important considerations during ‘non-term times’ at Regent’s Park College:

  • If Tutorial assistance is desired with a RPC professor, such arrangements must be made through Regent’s Park personnel at least 6 months in advance. Doing so will facilitate a more meaningful Minister’s Study Leave experience. A paper/statement would be submitted explaining the participating minister’s research goals, areas of interest, expectations, desired assistance from Regent’s personnel, etc. We are assuming that the MSL participant will be responsible for getting the Professor/Tutor ‘on the same page’ with the minister and his/her study leave goals. Some participants may have specific and detailed statements or proposals, while other ministers may be doing more self-directed study, reflection and renewal.
  • Alternative study opportunities: Ministers may be at Regent’s when most faculty members are on break. Certainly a self-directed study is an option. Consider “Day Trips” outside of Oxford with a focus on Baptist History and/or Missions. Also, other Colleges in the Oxford University system, as well as the University’s Department of Continuing Education, may have summer conferences or seminars scheduled. [Visit for ideas]
  • The Libraries at Regent’s Park College:
  • Main Library is the general library for the academic community within the College, with strong holdings in the core undergraduate subjects of the College—especially Theology, Philosophy, and English.
  • Angus Library is a world-class resource for Baptist and non-conformist history.
  • David Nicholls Memorial Collection is a smaller library specializing in the Caribbean, Haiti in particular, with theology and sociology at its core.
  • Library Particulars during the ‘summer schedule’ at Regent’s Park College, and how this might affect the MSL program and its participants.
  • The Main Library is closed during the last two weeks of July each year.
  • The Angus Library is closed for the entire month of August each year. The Angus is open in July, but is heavily used by Professors. Advance notice of desire to use the Angus in July is requested. The best time for a MSL participant to utilize the Angus Library is in September.
  • The David Nicholls Memorial Library is available throughout the summer months.
  • Concerning other Libraries in the Oxford University system:

It is possible for a MSL participant to secure access to other Oxford University libraries. However, advance communication and explanation is required (6 months). The minister will need to request a “Reader’s Card” (also known as a University Card, or a Borrower’s Card, or a Bodleian Card). It would be advantageous for the MSL participant to write a short paper/statement for the University explaining his or her goals and/or research focus. In other words, WHY are you requesting the card?