One of the most outstanding initiatives of the Marshall Center for Christian Ministry (MCCM) of Georgetown College is the Minister’s Study Leave Program at Regent’s Park College, Oxford, England. The Marshall Center’s Minister’s Study Leave Program provides ministers with a one month sabbatical away from congregational and/or ministry responsibilities. It provides a time of renewal, both professionally and spiritually, and allows the minister to return to his or her duties with new energy and ideas. A unique agreement between Georgetown College and Regent’s Park College, makes this program possible.

Participating ministers have all the riches of Oxford University available to them during their Study-leave experience – the extensive libraries, intellectually stimulating environment, and centuries old traditions that are part of Oxford’s impressive history.

The Marshall Center’s supervision of this program began with its inception in 1999. Since then more than 70 ministers have taken advantage of the opportunity. In January 2008 a revised agreement was signed between Georgetown College and Regent’s Park College. The partnership between Regents Park College and Georgetown College is unique and involves Georgetown College Students studying abroad, Faculty/Staff sabbaticals, and the MCCM Minister’s Study Leave Program. The only part of the partnership for which the MCCM has oversight is the Minster’s Study Leave Program.

Effective January 2009, the four week Minister’s Study Leave sabbatical fee for registration/administration/housing/Regent’s Park support is $3,500. This fee covers 1) the participant’s registration fee and administrative support (MCCM),   2) the cost for the flat (apartment) for four weeks, 3) access to Regent’s dining facility (meal service options vary in the summer months), 4) use of the Regent’s Park College libraries, 5) option of securing a “Readers Card” that allows one access and use of other libraries in the Oxford University system (card must be applied for in advance of Study Leave), and 6) tutorial support with a Regent’s Park College professor (must be scheduled in advance). Tutorial support with a professor from a College other than Regent’s Park would require additional charges.

Other costs that you will incur on your own include:

  • airfare,
  • meals (including Regent’s Park dining),
  • in-country travel, sightseeing, etc.

The flat in which MCCM Study Leave participants are housed is called “Wheeler Robinson, flat #1”. The flat is a part of the campus of Regent’s Park College and opens into the beautiful Quad in the center of the enclosed campus. It is a small 420 sq. ft. apartment. The flat is designed to be used by only one guest (or guest and spouse) at a time. Therefore, use of the flat/apartment must be limited to the participating minister, or minister and spouse only. If a MSL participant has other family members and/or friends coming to Oxford during the sabbatical, there are numerous hotels nearby that can accommodate such guests.

The flat contains:

  • a bedroom with a double bed, computer station and sitting area;
  • a TV/reading room with a couch, small desk and TV trays;
  • a washroom with shower; and
  • a kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, stove/oven, and dishwasher.

The available dates for participants in the Minister’s Study Leave Program are between the end of Trinity term and the beginning of Michaelmas term (i.e. late June thru late September). Each four week sabbatical will be at the $3,500 cost. However, the month of December (following Michaelmas Term) is available to the MCCM and “friends” at a reduced cost of $2,000 (4 weeks) or $1,000 (2 weeks). [PLEASE SEE ADENDUM #2] Available dates for sabbaticals are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Specific dates are considered “held” for an individual only after the MCCM has received:

  • Completed application form (w/ statement of overall objective)
  • Personal résumé and/or Biographical statement
  • $200 deposit.

(Policy Note: MSL participants must arrive and/or depart Regent’s Park College on a weekday, Mondays through Fridays only. Personnel are not at the College to open or close the flat/apartment on Saturday or Sunday.)

You may apply online; or submit your completed application, your resume and $200 deposit to:

Marshall Center for Christian Ministry
Attn. Rev. Ken Holden
Georgetown College
400 East College St.
Georgetown, KY 40324

[Revised 1/5/11]