Reservation Schedule and Available Dates:

The following is our MCCM Minister’s Study Leave sabbatical schedule for the next four years. Each year has three 4-week sabbatical periods and one 2-week sabbatical period:

For 2012

Summer 1June 25(Mon) – July 20(Fri)[4 weeks]Reserved
Summer 2July 23(Mon) – Aug. 17(Fri)[4 weeks]Reserved
Summer 3Aug. 20(Mon) – Sept. 14(Fri)[4 weeks]Open
Advent*December 4(Tue) – 19(Wed)[2 weeks]Open

For 2013

Summer 1June 24(Mon) – July 19(Fri)[4 weeks]Open
Summer 2July 22(Mon) – Aug. 16(Fri)[4 weeks]Reserved
Summer 3Aug. 19(Mon) – Sept. 13(Fri)[4 weeks]Open
Advent*December 9(Mon) – 23(Mon)[2 weeks]Open

For 2014

Summer 1June 30(Mon) – July 25(Fri)[4 weeks]Open
Summer 2July 28(Mon) – Aug. 22(Fri)[4 weeks]Open
Summer 3Aug. 25(Mon) – Sept. 19(Fri)[4 weeks]Open
Advent*December 9(Tue) – 23(Tue)[2 weeks]Open

NOTE: Since you may not have the opportunity to soon return to England, MSL participants may desire to conclude their sabbatical time by scheduling 2-3 days in London before returning to the United States, or prior to your arrival date in Oxford.

It might be permissible to begin an ‘Advent MSL’ earlier IF no Georgetown College faculty or administrative personnel are scheduled to utilize Flat #1.