Regent’s Park College, Oxford

The gate to our apt.“Burnout” is a word commonly used to describe over-worked professionals in many fields. Ministers, however, seem especially vulnerable. Recent studies suggest that the ministry is among the ten most stressful professions. While attending to the needs of others, ministers may find their own needs neglected: time for study, time for family, time for spiritual growth.

The Marshall Center’s Minister’s Study leave Program provides ministers with a brief period away from congregational responsibilities. It provides a time of renewal, both professionally and spiritually, and allows the minister to return to his or her duties with new energy and ideas. A unique agreement between Georgetown College and Regent’s Park College, Oxford, makes this program possible. Participating ministers have all the riches of Oxford University available to them during their month-long stay: the extensive libraries, lectures, an intellectually simulating environment, and centuries old traditions that are part of Oxford’s impressive history.

The Marshall center’s supervision of this program began with its inception in 1999. Since then 43 ministers have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Photos of the Oxford Flat