Georgetown College is composed of unique and special people. From our student body, to our creative and dedicated faculty, to our hardworking coaches, staff and administrators, our campus community is a fine example of Christians from all walks of life coming together for a common purpose: excellence in Christian higher education.

The Marshall Center for Christian Ministry each year affirms selected members of our campus family for their dedication to Christ and exemplary service in His name. They are people who, as chosen by their peers, live out the humility of servant hood, and the courage and authenticity of faith. nominations are open to all and received from every sector of the campus. AT baccalaureate exercises, these person are presented with a certificate, a stipend and  a huge “thank you” on behalf of us all.

George Walker Redding Faculty Award

George Walker Redding was the pastor, teacher, mentor, guide, and conscience for generations of young Christians. Bible professor at Georgetown College for 30 years, he was the standard for godly instruction for many students in the classroom, in the pulpit, and in his life. A 1927 alumnus, Dr. Redding’s calling to teach the Bible served as the model for faculty at his alma mater and, in retirement, at three other Kentucky Baptist schools.

  • 1997  Bob Kruschwitz
  • 1998  Lydia Hoyle
  • 1999  Daniel Tilford
  • 2000 Gwen Curry and David Forman
  • 2001  Joe Lunceford
  • 2002  John Verburg
  • 2003  Paul Redditt
  • 2004  Bart Dickinson
  • 2005  Roger Ward
  • 2006  Norman Wirzba
  • 2007  Jack Birdwhistell
  • 2008  Rick Kopp
  • 2009  Sheila Klopfer
  • 2010  Jean Kiernan
  • 2011  Reagan Lookadoo
  • 2012  Jonathan Sands Wise
  • 2013  Karyn McKenzie
  • 2014  J.P. Hanly
  • 2015  Lisa Eddy
  • 2016  John Henkel

Kenneth Claiborne Fendley Staff Award

Kenneth Claiborne Fendley served Baptists as a college administrator, hospital administrator, and bivocational minister in several local churches. For more than 30 years in public relations and fund raising at Georgetown College, this 1949 alumnus epitomized hard work, creative genius and loyalty. In retirement, he and his wife, D. J., worked with the senior adults of Georgetown Baptist Church.

  • 1997  Jo Griffith
  • 1998  Bonnie Redditt
  • 1999  James Lyles
  • 2000  Winnie Bratcher
  • 2001  Rebecca Botkin
  • 2002  Lester Abner
  • 2003  Betty Barkley
  • 2004  Robbi Barber
  • 2005  Bill Cronin
  • 2006  Garvel Kindrick
  • 2007  Dorothy Martin
  • 2008  Ernie Heavin
  • 2009  Gretchen Lohman
  • 2010  Bryan Langlands
  • 2011   Kyle Potter
  • 2012  Faith Cracraft
  • 2013  Megan Redditt
  • 2014  James Koeppe
  • 2015  Patsy Worley
  • 2016  Jeremiah Tudor

Norman and Martha Yocum Lytle Award

The Marshall Center acknowledges with gratitude the funding of a Christian Service Award to the graduating senior who, according to peers, has best exemplified a life of Christian service during his or her studies at Georgetown College. The nature of the award to the graduating senior is reflected in the personal commitment of the Lytles.

Norm and Martha Lytle are 1957 Georgetown College graduates who spent a 34-year career as Baptist Missionaries in Israel and Russia. While on campus, they were honored by their classmates with such awards as Belle of the Blue, Homecoming Queen, Who’s Who, and Most Outstanding Male Athlete. Later they were honored by the College with an Outstanding Alumni Award. Both Norman and Martha Lytle also hold degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. They now live in retirement in Louisville and are active in Crescent Hill Baptist Church.

The Lytles have three children, Beth Owen, John Edwin, and Robert Nathan. Their eight grandchildren are Eric, Daniel, Elisabeth, Jonathan, Natalie, Isabell, Noah, and Analese. Norman Lytle’s deceased father, Edwin Guy Lytle, was a 1932 graduate of Georgetown.

  • 1997  Julie Shadroudi and Rebecca Gander
  • 1998  Tim Vredenburg and Dawn Austin
  • 1999  Chad Aklin
  • 2000  Lindsay Lee
  • 2001  Susan Gail Reed
  • 2002  Justin Swaggerty and Kurt Kruschwitz
  • 2003  Shemeka Gill and Kathleen McKown
  • 2004  Danny Russell
  • 2005  Vanessa Lynn Carper
  • 2006  Jeremy Shoulta
  • 2007  Ashley Tackett
  • 2008  Peta Niehaus
  • 2009  Ashley Clayton
  • 2010  Samuel David Chinn
  • 2011  Heather Norman
  • 2012  Zachary Virgin
  • 2013  Betsie Phillips
  • 2014  Jose Ignacio Baeza
  • 2015  James Lacy and Jessica Carey
  • 2016  Hollis Dudgeon and Alex Caudill