The “Ten for Ten” initiative is:

  • an invitation to pray for and partner with the unfolding vision of the Marshall Center for Christian Ministry;
  • a broad based, grassroots effort;
  • a “one size fits all” endeavor;
  • a vision for funding the operational budget needs of the MCCM.

One gift ten times or ten gifts one time…your friendship and partnership is a blessing.

What is the essence of “Ten for Ten”?

At its core, the meaning of “Ten for Ten” is ten gifts for ten months.

The original thought which gave birth to the “Ten for Ten” initiative can be summarized in a one sentence question. How many people would prayerfully consider contributing a monthly financial gift for ten months, and offering one prayer a month for ten months?

Can my “Ten for Ten” support be adapted to reflect my unique personality and style?

ABSOLUTELY! Whether you give one gift ten times or ten gifts one time, whatever the size of that gracious gift(s), it is needed and will be a blessing. Please be assured that

  • NO gift is too small (or too large!)
  • EVERY gift makes a difference
  • ALL gifts are greatly appreciated

Your gift of money and/or prayer is an encouraging expression of your friendship, partnership and belief in the work and witness of the Marshall Center for Christian Ministry.

A preliminary “Ten for Ten” note of appreciation.

Whether your gift(s) is $10…, $100…, $500… or $1,000;
whether your gift is once, twice, four times a year or TEN;
on behalf of the MCCM Board of Directors, “Thank you and God bless you.”

Only God knows the eternal value of your willingness to ‘lift up’ the MCCM in prayer TEN times in 2009.

What is the Executive Director’s “Ten for Ten” promise to MCCM friends?

“Ten for Ten” Success will be measured best by the number of people involved, not by the size of their gift(s).

Periodic e-newsletters will be prepared and sent your way (hard copy mail for those without email access). Each newsletter will update you on Marshall Center events, activities, finances and future plans. You will begin to see how the MCCM interacts with the Georgetown College family and the larger Christian community, and how we seek to bring the two together.

For day to day insights and news, the MCCM website will interface with the Georgetown College website and will provide you with an address to share with others who may want additional Marshall Center information.

The Executive Director is accessible. Ken Holden can be reached by email at or; by phone at 502.863.8391; by mail at 400 East College Street, Georgetown, KY, 40324.

One final word from a Pastor of twenty-seven years.

“I believe that the first financial responsibility of any Christian is his/her gift of tithe and offerings to God through the local church. Please, never let any person or cause usurp that act of obedience. I speak from personal experience and personal practice. Through God’s abundant riches and resources, there will always be enough to do that which pleases the Lord.” – Ken Holden