Marshall Center for Christian Ministry

The goal of the MCCM from its inception was to be, and is to be, self sustaining. The foundation for such a worthy goal has grown under the strong leadership of its first Directors.

In 2008 a historic step was taken by the Center’s Board of Directors when they called its first full-time Executive Director, Ken Holden. After five years on the MCCM Board of Directors, two as Chair of the Board, Ken Holden began his service as Executive Director on April 1, 2008.

These are promising days for the Marshall Center for Christian Ministry. In the words of Bill and Alice Marshall, “It is our hope and prayer that the MCCM will always be, an invaluable partner with Georgetown College in fulfilling its spiritual commitment to its students, faculty, staff and community”.

About the Marshall Center for Christian Ministry

The Marshall Center for Christian Ministry at Georgetown College was named for College alumni William and Alice Marshall (’57). The two met, fell in love and married at Georgetown.

The Center was founded in 1997 to administer and support programs for the College community and her various constituencies with the aim of strengthening the Christian mission of the College.

The Marshall Center celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2007, acknowledging the various venues and avenues through which the Center has sought to “facilitate innovative ministry development and experience for the Georgetown College community, professional ministers, lay leaders and congregations by assisting Georgetown College in fulfilling effectively the institution’s educational and spiritual mission”.