In general, the College follows the Associated Press Stylebook. The following area few exceptions that the College makes to the AP Stylebook, along with common errors that are made by people in their writing styles.

Books, plays and other composition titles

  • Italicize the names of books, plays, newspapers.
  • Chapters are quoted.
  • Songs, articles are quoted.
  • Capitalize the names of music groups, even if Georgetown College is not used (Georgetown College Chorale or Chorale, Georgetown College Symphonic Band or Symphonic Band).

Building Names

  • Allen Hall
  • Alpha Gamma Delta House
  • Anderson Hall (Athletics/Education/Graduate Education)
  • Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Building
    • Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery
  • Asher Science Center
  • Collier Hall
  • Cooke Memorial
  • Cralle Student Center (Student Life)
    • The Cafe
    • The Grille
    • The Store
  • Davis-Reid Alumni Gym
  • Ensor Learning Resource Center (Library)
    • Cochenour Art Gallery
    • Jacobs Gallery
    • Mulberry Cafe
  • Equine Scholars Program
  • Flowers Hall
  • George H.W. Bush Center for Fitness
  • Giddings Hall (Academic programs/Administration/Institutional Advancement)
  • Highbaugh Hall (Business office/Registrar)
  • John L. Hill Chapel or Hill Chapel
  • Kappa Alpha House
  • Kappa Delta House
  • Knight Hall
  • Lambda Chi Alpha House
  • McCandless House (International Programs)
  • Nunnelley Music Building
  • Patterson House (Admissions)
  • Pawling Hall
  • The Peyton Thurman Meetinghouse (Career & Calling)
  • PHA House (President’s House Association)
  • Phi Kappa Tau House
  • Phi Mu House
  • Pi Kappa Alpha House
  • Pierce Hall
  • Sigma Kappa House
  • Underground Railroad Research Institute
  • Wilson Lab Theatre
  • Leadership & Conference Center
  • Toyota Stadium


  • Internet is capitalized, as is Web (Web site, Web address, surf the Web). The word e-mail is hyphenated.

Names, titles and offices

  • Do not capitalize an individual’s title unless used in front of their name. The exception is in athletics. Only if the complete title is used before the name, then capitalize it.
  • Departments have chairpersons or chairs, not chairmen.
  • Lowercase all college offices and academic departments unless it is a proper noun, such as English department.


  • Spell out numbers one through nine; use numbers to indicate values 10 and higher. Use numbers with percentages, but do not use the percentage symbol, i.e. 3 percent.


  • Georgetown’s performance program, major (Theatre and Performance Studies), and activities utilize the spelling “theatre.”
  • Maskrafters Theatre; a Maskrafters Theatre production

Typed Copy

  • Use only one space after a period at the end of a sentence.
  • Copy can be delivered to communications and marketing via e-mail or saved as a Microsoft Word document on a disk. Note: it is recommended that the text of a Word document also be copied into the body of an e-mail.
  • Copy for all projects is expected in electronic format.


  • Spell out the names of the 50 U.S. states when they stand alone in textual material.
  • The names of eight states are never abbreviated in text: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. (Memory aid: spell out the names of the two states that are not part of the contiguous United States and the continental States that are five letters or fewer.)

United States

  • Spell out when used as a noun. Use U.S. (no space) only as an adjective.

Following the above AP style guidelines will help make our proofing jobs easier and will ensure Georgetown College materials are consistent as they are presented to the public.