Much publicity about Georgetown College is garnered through news releases and sports releases. The primary contact person with the media is Georgetown College’s news bureau director.

Back-up for the news bureau director is the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Director of Communications and Marketing.

When an event is held on campus and a press release needs to be sent out about it, please contact the news bureau director and he will write one for you and send it to the appropriate media outlet.

Releases should go out about three weeks prior to the event and no later than 10 days prior to make sure it reaches local papers ahead of their deadlines. Please have the information about the event ready for the news bureau director when you ask him to write the release. He is not responsible for researching your event.

For example, if a speaker has a biography available, include that with the information sent to us. Materials are best when e-mailed to the news bureau director. Include the following information: who, who, when (date and time), why, where, and cost (and where to get tickets, if appropriate).

If you are responsible for a student group or an activity that involves multiple students, news releases should be sent to students’ hometowns. Send a list of student names, any positions they hold in the organization or club, and information about what the organization does to the news bureau director. Hometown papers are usually very responsive to our submissions of stories and photos about students from their communities.

If you are personally involved in professional development or civic projects, please send information to the news bureau director for use in media releases, Insights (our alumni publication), and/or the Web site as appropriate. Include your name, department, a brief description about what you did, when and where you did it, and any other pertinent information.