Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 5.1 :
Voyager Serials Check-in

1) Log into Acquisitions module: Select “Acquisitions”.

2) If needed, select Session Defaults from tool bar.


Order Site————–Acquisitions

Ship To——————Acquisitions

Bill To——————–Acquisitions

Vendor Code———-Ebsco or Gift


PO Type—————-Continuation

Click on Line Item Copies/Fund

Intended Location——-1 @ per cur

# of Copies—————-1

Commit to Fund———01/02 Fiscal Year/Periodicals (afterwards, double-click on

blue triangle ++

IF EVERYTHING IS SET, GO TO (Orders), (New Purchase Order), and then, (Save)

3) Click on Add Line (Bib Search)

4) Click on Builder.

5) Search with as a phrase (search by issn; title; select title), Do Search

6) Highlight title.

7) Click Details.

8) Click Type (which leads to Subscription Pattern). (Note, make sure Line Item Type reads Subscription Pattern)

9) Click Subscription Pattern.

10) Click New (which is to the right of component). Hit Save

11) Click Predictive Component Pattern or Non Predictive Pattern (if you do not

wish for prediction)…then predict pattern.

12) When finished, click, Start Over and proceed.

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