Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3E.2 :
Searching Guidelines for Books
VoyagerSearch by title or author in Voyager to see if we already own the work or a manifestation of it.  Manifestation means a different edition, in a different language, or even a different format (film, CD, etc.). 

OCLC Search

Use the following searches in the order given to find records to match the book that you are searching. Searches are relative to the item you have — you may not follow this list exactly.

2. LC Card number
3. NAME/TITLE (qualified if possible)
4. Other searches as appropriate, i.e., Scan title, keyword, etc.

*If you see a serial record in your results — bring to the Supervisor’s attention.
*Please familiarize yourself with the instructions for choosing between mulitple records.

Level 1 — identifying items for Library of Congress (DLC) Cataloging:

Check the following fields: Blvl: m    Elvl: blank, I, or 8    Desc: a    DtSt: s
Dates: if mulitple dates, or 2nd date is uuuu or 9999 identify for copy cataloging
040 DLC c DLC other symbols, ask
050 Call number — if there is a volume/part designation, or, two call numbers — identify for copy cataloging.

If all these criteria are present see – Library of Congress Cataloging instructions.

Level 2 — identifying items for copy cataloging:

Check the following fields: Blvl: m    Elvl: I    Desc: a
040 Enhance libraries symbol
090 090 call number field must be present
6xx Subject headings must be present

If all these criteria are present see – Copy Cataloging Instructions.

Level 3 — identifying items for complex copy or original cataloging:

Blvl: anything beside m    Elvl: anything other than blank, I, or 8
Desc: anything other than a
Any other call number other than 050, 090.
No call number present.
No record found.

Items falling in this catagory are to be given to cataloger.

Verify that the record matches the book you have.

Look at the following fields and compare them with the book:

1xx main entry (author, etc. may be a person, a corporate name, a title. Editors may be in 7xx fields).
245 the title of the book, please checkt the subtitle also.
250 the edition
260 place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.
300 the physical description, pagination.

Multiple records

Deciding between multiple bibliographic records. Use the following priorities to decide between records that match the book you have when you get more than one hit for a book.

1.  040 DLC =c DLC
Desc: a

2.  040 Other member libraries
Desc: a
Enc lvl: I
050 or 090 field with a call number present.
6xx fields are present.
4xx (8xx) series fields that match the series on book.

3. Other member libraries that do not fit the patterns above.

Prefer as full a record as possible.
Prefer Desc: a
Look for record with a call number (090).
Prefer a record with subject headings.


Always search from the title page and the verso of the title page if present. The information given here may be found on other places on a book, especially foreign books, but use this source first.

When in doubt — ASK!!

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