Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3C.3 :
Authority Searching Guidelines
Consult the OCLC manual Authorities User Guide for additional help.

Full authority searching is done on member copy record only.
On those records with an 040 DLC =c DLC and Desc: a search only the series.

Access the OCLC authority file:

In CATME    display the Search OCLC Online dialog box
select from “Default Database” menu Authority File
enter appropriate search in the “Query” box, click  <Find> or press Enter key

On Connexion – choose Authority file [this section still under review]

Headings on the bibliographic record to be searched in authority:

The headings listed below will appear on the bibliographic record and can be searched in the authority file in different ways. The derived search key patterns are listed to the right, they can be entered with the [ or not. Phrase searching follows this section. keys that can be used -- scan, keyword.

Bib. fields to be searched                                                    Search patterns:

100 - 600 - 700 - 800                                                        Personal Name/Author [4,3,1
110 - 610 - 710 - 810                                                        Corporate Name/Author [4,3,1
111 - 611 - 711 - 811                                                        Conference/Meeting Name [4,3,1
151 - 651                                                                            Subject, Geographic [4,3,1
150 - 650                                                                            Subject, Topical [5,3
130 - 630                                                                             Uniform title [3,2,2,1
240                                                                                       Uniform title w/name 1xx patterns
440 - 490 0                                                                          Series [3,2,2,1
490 1 Series (traced dif.) Look for 8xx
410 - 411                                                                             Series (name) [4,3,1

Phrase searching in the authority file:

Display the Search OCLC Online dialog box
select from "Default Database" menu Authority File
enter in "Query" box  [index label][phrase] click <Scan>

Index labels are:    Personal name pn
Corporate name co
Conference name cn
Title ti
Subject headings su

Phrase searching is very effective with corporate names, it is like Scan title in the bibliogprahic database. The index labels in the authority database are different than those used in the bibliographic database.

5. Stopwords. These are words that produce to many hits when you use a dervied search key, so you leave them off when they appear in the initial position of a heading. If they are interrupted by a non-stopword then they are searchable.

6. Actions:

If the heading that is on the bibliographic record and the heading on the authority record match exactly this is an appropriate heading to use.

If there is a discrepancy between the heading on the bibliographic record and the authority record – make a print out of the authority record, place it with the item and give it to the cataloger .

If you have been cleared to correct authority headings make the correction on the bibliogarphic record so it matches the authority file heading.

If you do not find the heading in the AF at all – Do not catalog the item – give it to a cataloger.


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