Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3B.6 :
Internet / Electronic Resources Quick Sheet
Work form: Use the appropriate format, i.e., Computer file, Serial, Book etc.
Applicable qualifiers: /com /ser or appropriate to format used.
GMD: [electronic resource], [computer file], etc. See AACR2
SMD: see AACR2 

Serial (textual)- Type: a Blvl: s — Serial (non-textual)- Type: m Blvl: s
Computer file- Type: m Blvl: e — Online text- Type: m Blvl: a

040KGG $c KGG (if original)
006Textual serial, usually [m d ] see note 1
006Non-textual serial, usually [m d ] see note 1
006Computer file/online text, usually [m e ] see note 1
007Format charateristics – specific to format used – see Bib Formats & Standards – see note 2 below
022 / 020ISSN for serials / ISBN for others
050 / 090Leave only the classification portion of the call number.
090Class part of number $b INTERNET   (i.e. BX1450 $b Internet)
130*Title (Online)
245$h [electronic resource]  (or other applicable GMD)
300can omit
516Type of computer file
530Additional physical formats available in our library
538System requirements
6xxSee fuller cataloging instructions
856Must be present. Usually: 856 40 $u http://[url]

*Requested to distinguish from print titles with same name.

Note 1. To retrieve a prompt (menu) for these fields at home positions type the prompt and in press <F11> common: Computer prompt n006 com – Serial prompt: n006 ser – etc. See OCLC Bibliogrpahic Formats and Standards.

Note 2. See Bib Formats and Standards for particular 007 fields. The common are (but check for each format): 007 $a c $b r $d [color] $e n $f [sound] – on OCLC in the home position you can type help 007 and press <F11>.

Note 3. To input an underscore _ or tilde ~ in an OCLC record you have to use the following codes: Spacing underscore _ is %5F Spacing tilde ~ is %7E they will be searchable as underscore and tilde.

There is no processing per se, pay attention to who has to be notified though. All e-serials and databases, notify Acquisitions and Reference.

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