Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3B.4 :
VHS ( Videorecording ) Quick Sheet
GMD: [videorecording] SMD: see AACR2
Applicable searching qualifier: /vis

Videos are classified in respective area of schedules, except feature films, they go in PN1997.[cutter for title].
Rushes are cataloged as soon as possible and given directly to Public Services or the requestor after the record appears in the PAC.


Type: usually g (projected medium) see Bib Formats & Standards for others.

040 KGG $c KGG  (if original)
007* v $b f $d a/b/c/m/n/u/z $e b $f a $g f $h o $i k/m/n/q/s/u/z
090 VHS [call number]
049 KGGM
245 XX $h [videorecording]
300 X videocassette(s) ([time]) : $b sd., col. ; $c ½ in.
538 VHS
511 Performers / participants
508 Creation / production credits
538 System requirements. Repeatable note.
520 Summary note if applicable.
6XX $x Feature films [if applicable]
6XX $x Films for the hearing impaired [if applicable]
7XX Eliminate relator codes
856 $u URL if applicable

*$d a = 1 col., b = B&W, c = Color, m = mixed, n = na, u = unknw., z = other
$i k = mix., m = mono., n = na, q = multi…, s = stereo, u = unk., z = other

A barcode is attached to the top of the casing of the video.
Spine and pocket labels are produced.

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