Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3B.1 :
CD (Compact Disc) Quick Sheet
GMD:  [sound recording]  –  for computer files see CDROM instructions.
SMD:  see AACR2
Applicable searching qualifier: /rec

Searching tip: try the music publishers number search, mn:1-2 letters, 1-10 numbers, example, mn:co1234567891
CDs are generally music, but, we do catalog spoken / sound recordings.
CDs are classified (call number).
Rushes are cataloged as soon as possible and given directly to Public Services, or the requestor, after the record appears in the PAC.


Type: j (musical sound recording) i (nonmusical)
LTxt: if i is used code LTxt to indicate type of literary text.

040 KGG $c KGG  [if original]
007* s $b d $d f $e m/s/u/z $f n $g g $h n $i n $m c/u $n d
028 XX Publisher’s number
090 CD [call number]
049 KGGM
245 XX $h [sound recording]
300 X sound disk (ca. [time]) : $b digital, stereo ; $c 4 ¾ in. + $e xxx
538 Compact disc(s).
511 Performer / participants
518 Place, location, date of recording / capture.
7xx Delete realtor codes
856 $u URL if applicable.

*$e m = mono, s = stereo, u = unknown, z = other
$m c – dolby, u = unknown [see Bib. Format & Standards for others]

A barcode is attached to upper right corner on the rear of the case/box.
Tattle-tape the disc with media security strip, or the container, whichever is appropriate.
Spine and pocket labels are produced and placed on the container.

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