Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A.9 :
General and Specific Material Designators

The terms you are allowed to use for the General Material Designator (GMD) and Specific Material Designators (SMD) are prescribed in AACR2.
GMD’s are found in AACR2, 1.1C1. SMD’s are in the individual chapters for particular formats, the section dealing with physical description. Usually the section X.5B1. Example: to find the SMD’s for Electronic Resources, look in Ch. 9 — 9.5B1.

Where GMD’s are placed. In the title field (245) after the main part of the title. Examples:

245 10 Title $h [GMD] / $c author.
245 10 Title $h [GMD] : $b subtitle / $c author.

Where SMD’s are placed. In the physical description field (300) at the beginning, the number of units, pages, etc. of the field. Example:

300 x [SMD] : $b other details ; $c size.

LRC uses AACR2 1.1C1 List 2:

activity cardmicroscope slide
art originalmodel
art reproductionmotion picture
cartographic materialpicture
diorama slide
electronic resourcesound recording
filmstriptechnical drawing
flash cardtext


SMD’s are in each chapter. An example, AACR2 – Ch. 6. Sound Recordings…

6.5B1. Record the number of physcial units of a sound recording by giving the number of parts in arabic numerals and one of the following terms as appropriate:

sound cartridge
sound cassette
sound disc
sound tape reel
sound track film

Note: each chapter has additional information after the basic information that will instruct you on other terms that can be added.

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