Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A.8 :
Guidelines for Contents Notes

Order of notes
The order of notes is prescribed in AACR2 (see 1.7B1 through 1.7B22). This is the general order of notes any exceptions will be covered in the individual chapters dealing with a particular format.

Some systems will strictly order the notes in numerical sequence which is why you will see notes input in order sometimes on records.

Guidelines for Adding Contents Notes

LRC will prefer the use of unformatted contents notes (505 0_) with no subfield coding.

When editing records it is preferred that enhanced contents notes either be changed or deleted depending on how useful they are.

When adding contents notes consider the length of the note that will be produced and it’s importance for access. Keyword gives the opportunity to provide additional access without the addition of many added entry fields. It also does not have to come under authority control where added entries must be verified in the authority file.

In general: add a contents note if there are 12 or fewer chapters, it will be cataloger’s judgment if there are 13 to 20 chapters. Do not add contents notes if over 20 chapters. Exceptions can be made to this rule: i.e. Special Collections materials, music and video materials, etc.

Add a contents note if the individual chapters or essays are written by different people.

Add a contents note if the individual subject matter presented in the piece is important to the curriculum at Georgetown College.

Add a contents note when parts have previously been published separately and the work has a collective title (AACR2, 1.1B10).

Add a contents note if it is unlikely that the individual works will be indexed elsewhere (i.e. small-press editions of works).

Transcribe the note from the table of contents (in foreign language materials contents is frequently in the back and may be called something like Indice, etc.). Use the form of names or entries found in the table of contents. (Check the authority file only if making an added entry for the name or heading.)

Follow AACR2 and OCLC’s Bibliographic Formats and Standards when adding contents notes to original or upgraded records.

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