Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A.7 :
Cataloging Internet / Electronic Resources

When cataloging web pages or other Internet Resources use this guide…

“Cataloging Internet Resources : a manual and practical guide” by OCLC

Local procedures:

090 [Classification portion of call no. only] $b Internet
Example: BT375 $b Internet
HC107.K4 $b Internet

Titles: if appropriate and needed add the qualifier (Online) to a uniform title to differentiate from another format or version. Examples:

245 04 The Georgetown news-graphic. –for the print version

130 4 The Georgetown news-graphic (Online)
245 04 The Georgetown news-graphic $h [electronic resource] –for the online version


245 00 Lexington herald-leader. –for the print version
245 00 Lexington herald-leader online $h [electronic resource] –for the online version

because the word online is part of the title of the online version. The above examples are newspapers, different things can happen depending on the format and type of publication. The two may have totally different titles.

Sometimes it may be appropriate to add a “common title” added entry. Examples: The Sun –is the Baltimore newspaper, you may need an added entry for The Baltimore sun, a commonly asked for title. Sunspot –is the Baltimore newspapers online version, you may need added entries for The Sun (Online) and The Baltimore sun (Online)

NOTES, supply when appropriate: Title from web page viewed [date]; available in other formats; especially if we have that format in the library; web access information; resctriction of access, etc. These records may be without a 300 field.

856 field – the web address, examples:

856 40 $u $z Ensor LRC homepage

The $z shows in our PAC instead of the url and is a hot link.

The Voyager holdings record – there is no Item record -

852 0_ $b Internet $h [Classification number] $i Internet
856 40 $u [URL] $z [Name]

the 856 can be repeated for multiple sites


852 0_ $b Internet $h HC107.K4 $i Internet
856 40 $u $z EDiS

Subject headings and subdivisions:

Add the appropriate subject headings and any additional headings that may be useful.

650 _0 Electronic newspapers.
650 _0 Electronic journals.
650 _0 Electronic books.
650 _0 Electronic publications.
650 _0 Web sites.
650 _0 Online information services.

Additionally you can add approved subdivisions such as:

$x Computer network resources
$x Electronic information resources
$v Databases

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