Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A.6 :
Single Issue of a Serials / Periodical Treated as a Monograph

Occasionally we may receive a single copy of a periodical/serial that is to be cataloged for our collection as a monograph. We may or may not hold the periodical or serial in its entirety, but some situations will necessitate that we catalog this particular piece as a monograph. The following procedures should be followed in this situation. This is all based on LCRI and AACR2.
When there is a distinct and separate title for a specific issue of a serial the easiest way to handle it as a monograph is to enter the serial title as a series statement in a 440 field. An example:

We received a single issue of the (mythological) American Theological Cataloger, vol. 2, no. 2, 1992, with the distinct title “Problems in Scripture Classification” — this would be done as:

245 00 Problems in scripture classification / $c edited by T. Ology.
440 0 American theological cataloger ; $v vol. 2, no. 2

By distinct title it is meant that there may be a separate title page, or a prominent title on the cover, a running title, etc.

If the serial information were not prominent, i.e. it was a statement in the preface, or a note on the cover, etc., it could be done:

245 00 Problems in scripture classification / $c edited by T. Ology.
500 “Problems in Scripture Classification is a special issue of the American theological cataloger, vol.
2, no. 2, 1992″–pg. iii.
730 0_ American theological cataloger ; $v vol. 2, no. 2.

The 730 tracing based on the 500 note should be done only when you extract the title from a non-obvious place.

For serials without a distinctive issue title treat it as an analytic and prepare a separate record for it (see AACR2 and LCRI ch. 13, esp. 13.3, and ch. 12). Example:

On the cover: The Structurist. No. 13/14 (Fall 1973/ Spring 1774)
At head of the table of contents: Double Issue on Light/Color

245 04 The Structurist. $n No. 13/14. $p Double issue on light/color.
500 “The Structurist, Number 13/14, 1973/1974″–pg. 5.
730 0_ Structurist ; $v no. 13/14.

Monographic treatment of a serial title gives access via that title and if the library has, or gets the serial, it will reside very nicely along with the serial title (if the serial is cataloged). The added entries will collate it with the serial/periodical also. Treating serials as monographs really does depend upon what is happening with the particular piece you have in hand and involves a lot of “sleuthing” in AACR2 and the LCRI to find out what to do with that particular piece. But I find that the pattern above generally handles most encounters.

Physical description of the piece would follow standard convention. Note in the first example the pagination. Example:

300 p. 345-425 : $b ill. ; $c 26 cm.
300 25 p. ; $c 26 cm.

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