Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A1.8 :
Bible Commentaries
Bible commentaries that are shelved in the Reference Collection will be classified together under one call number (use an appropriate treatment, i.e., as monographic set or as a serial).  Commentaries that are shelved in the main stacks can be classified under the individual books of the Bible with a series added entry for the commentary name.Actual treatment will depend on the piece you have in hand and how it has been cataloged in the past.  All Reference copies are classed together as stated above, but stack copies may or may not be classed together.  Search the catalog to see how they have been done.  If a piece for the stacks has been cataloged together for a number of volumes, maintain that practice.  Also, you can have a copy in Reference classed under one call number and a copy in the stacks classed under a different call number.

General rule of thumb – if it is requested for the Reference collection – class it together — if it was ordered for the stacks it can be classed either way.  Maintain a consistency on how they are done.


Vol. 18C of the Anchor Bible series, Ecclesiastes…

For a copy in the Reference Collection
Call number: REF BS 192.2 .A1 G3 v.18C
490 1    Anchor Bible ;  $v v. 18C
830  0    Bible.$l English. $s Anchor Bible. $f 1964. ; $v v. 18C.

A copy in the stacks could be under:
Call number: BS 1475.3 .S46 1997 the call number for commentaries on the book of Ecclesiastes.
Series treatment would be the same.

This procedure has been requested by the Head of Public Services.

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