Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A1.7 :
Library Media Equipment
The Library has media equipment that is checked out for use in the Library.  Records are created so Circulation can keep track of the equipment.Records are created locally, in Voyager only.
There is a record template:  media_equip.tem in the Voyager catalog path on the Library shared drive, under templates. Copy this template to the appropriate folder on your machine.  c://Voyager/Catalog/Template/  This will save you having to recreate the fixed field elements and the common fields.

Bibliograhic Record:

000 00541nrm 2200157zi 450
001 126807
005 20040302095141.0
008 040302n xx — || z|||||d
040 __ |a KGG local
099 __ |a Library Media Equipment
245 00 |a Norcent DVD player |h [equipment]
246 13 |a DVD player, Norcent
500 __ |a 2 DVD players, manufacturer Norcent, both Model DP-313; each accomp. by remote and cables.
500 __ |a DVD no. 1: Serial no. JEB1035173913; DVD no. 2: Serial no. JEB1035174003
690 __ |a Audio-visual equipment.
690 __ |a DVD player.

Fixed field elements are supplied on the template.
040 – reflects a locally created record.
099 – is local descriptive call number.
245 – use a descriptive tile phrase that includes the manufacturer.  $h [equipment] is not a standard GMD.
246 – create variant titles that a user might likely try.
500 – notes: general / descriptive information
model number(s)
serial numbers(s)
690 – local subject headings.  Always add a 690    Audio-visual equipment.
Add obvious descriptive phrases, i.e. 690    Televisions.
690    DVD player.
690    VCR.

Holding Record:

852 0_     $b Medi Equip $h Library Media Equipment

add subield z or x for appropriate notes. $z will display in catalog, $x will not.

Item Record:

Permanent location:  Library Media Equipment
Item type:  appropriate type.  If none found, use Gen Eqp
Enumeration:  i.e.  CD player 1, appropriate phase if multiple equipment on one record.
Free text:  for accompanying pieces, separate parts, etc.
Pieces:  adjust accordingly.

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