Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A1.6 :
Special Collections / Archives Materials
Title of Collection: Georgetown College. Anna Ashcraft Ensor Learning Resource Center. Special Collections.Location: Special Collections 

Spine Call number example:



Serial items: Will receive call numbers.

Fields to add while editing:

050 or 090     SPEC COLL AB 123 .C456 3000

500         Shelved in the Library’s Special Collections.

506         Access is restricted—contact the Archivist.

710 2_    Georgetown College (Georgetown, Ky.) $b Anna Ashcraft Ensor Learning Resource Center. $b
Special Collections.

856 40     $u $z Click here: Ensor LRC Special Collections

Note: if you are editing on OCLC the hyperlink above has an underscore character, this has to be entered in OCLC as %5F and than when you are editing in Voyager you can use the underscore.

Note: notes may be adjusted according to use.

Original records: The above information does not go on an original record in OCLC if it is not particular to the collection, i.e. other libraries hold the item.  You would put special collections information on items that we are the only holder of, i.e. manuscripts, rare books, etc.  Or, if the item is rare enough to let people know that it is kept in special collections.  Produce, reformat and add locally if you have a “common” title. There is a collection level record in OCLC that will direct users to Special Collections.

Holdings record:

852 0_ $b Spec Coll $k SPEC COL $h AB 123 .C456 3000

Item record:

Perm. Loc: Special Collection

Item type: Special Collection

add any other appropriate information


DO NOTS!! DO NOT BARCODE — STAMP – or LABEL Special Collections / Archive materials.

Use an archival book tab — place a spine label at the top of the tab that sits above the book, and one book label on the tab.  On the reverse of the tab, at the top, place a barcode.

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